Monday, December 6, 2010

Visiting Santa: Take One

We went to the Festival of Trees.
Santa was there.
Brynlee jumped right up on his lap.
She visited about helping her mom and making her bed.
And about the reindeer and Santa's upcoming Christmas schedule.
She told him she wanted shrinky dinks this year for Christmas.
She had written him a letter earlier in the week.
With a list of Christmas wants.
Shrinky dinks were not on that list.
Her Christmas list seems to be changing quite frequently this year.
From a Unicorn Pillow Pet.
To a Mario Christmas Tree Ornament.
To a real live jack-in-the-box that throws candy and prizes and money when he pops up!
I was happy to hear shrinky dinks. That's easy. And real.

Santa Claus's with real beards scare me.
Give me the heebie jeebies.
Something weird about an old man that really grows out a beard to look like Santa.
Scared Jace, too.


Lacy said...

oh, I miss you too! I will call you onw of these days.hahaha Actually we're driving to Utah tomorrow. Myabe I'll call you then :)

That's funny to me that you find real beard santa's creepy. I like them. My kids were scared of the fake beard santas when they were taht age too. It must be the suit. Or maybe the can sense that we're trying to feed them a falacy and the innocent isd eof them is subliminaly rejecting it. hahah...or maybe I jsut used to many big words right then that I only partially know what they mean ;)

mammabug said...

Landon was begging to see Santa in the mall. Then when we went he started walking slower, cuddled to my leg dropped his head and stopped. The closest he got was taking a candy cane from the basket and sitting on my knee in front of Santa. I think he nodded when Santa asked him a couple questions. He's never cared for the man in person.

MattandChandra said...

Hadley didn't like Santa either! She was all about seeing him until we got up there.He did have a real beard which I think is a little less scary even though I hate beards(been begging my husband to shave his!)Good job Brynlee for telling Santa all the good things you've been doing. Keep it up and you are bound to have lots of presents on Christmas!

Jaime said...

So cute!!! I love their little conversation. This year Ashtyn is planning on asking for a surprise. Couldn't make up her mind.... :) That makes it easy for me!

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