Monday, December 6, 2010

Photo Album: Thanksgiving 2010

Facts about Thanksgiving:
  • We had Thanksgiving at Jessica's house this year.
  • Do you want to know what's nice about having Thanksgiving at Jessica's house? Everything.
  • Dude! Our turkey was huge. And fresh, never frozen. Jake's mom raised it. It was at least 30 pounds, maybe more.  Jake is totally welcome into our family.
  • My Grandpa Branch joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. Love him.
  • Is your family party's short on pizzazz? Try climbing through a broom stick after Thanksgiving dinner. It's bound to entertain.
  • The girls put on the cutest little set of plays for our enjoyment. They were headed by Marie and Maddie. Word is that the two of them spent hours on the phone planning the productions.
  • I saw their notebook of play notes. ADORABLE! And very detailed.
  • They did the "The Three Little Turkeys". Which was very, very similar to "The Three Little Pigs". Expect for instead of not by the hair of my chinny chin chin. It was not by the feather of my tailly tail tail! And they were turkeys instead of pigs; well, when the narrator remembered to make the substitution while reading "The Three Little Pigs" book. Which wasn't often.
  • And then they did their take on The First Thanksgiving. And one more play, which was a story written by Marie.
  • Oh my goodness, I'm sorry you missed the production. They were perfection. I love those girls.
  • Brad made focaccia bread for the day after Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches. I'm also sorry you missed that.  Also perfection.  I ate three sandwiches. No joke. Brad can cook, you guys.
  • Not to brag, but I hold the title for the "Champion of Arm Wrestling" girls division. I suggest next time you bring you're A-game, ladies.
  • And then we ate Thanksgiving dinner again at Andrew & Tammy's house with Spence's side of the family.
  • Even after I ate THREE turkey sandwiches on Brad's focaccia bread.
  • I tell you what; I was dedicated to Thanksgiving this year.

Climbing through the broom. 
It's tricky.  Really, you should try it. 
Right now.  No ones watching.  Go.  Get a broom.


Jami said...

Let's just say it was tons of fun and I am ready to party some more! Also, I didn't realize Zayne's hair was SOO long...glad we finally gave him a hair cut or two ;)!

Rachel said...

Next year I am coming to your Thanksgiving. Seriously, that Turkey alone had me drooling.

Lacy said...

So fun!
That glazed over picture of the guys playing video games was hilarious! Did they pose for that because, seriously, perfect and hilarious. I want to play through a broomstick. Ok, I want to watch others play through a broomstick.

Kimberlee said...

Not staged Lacy. That's their "game face". :)

Anonymous said...

I think the glazed over boys need to go to a few front flips off the couch!

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