Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And now begins their happily ever after.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Jake Schwartz.

P.S. Thank you a million times over for your loving comments, emails, phone calls, texts & flower deliveries!  Serious, you guys. You helped lift my spirits. It was just like a team hug in the girl's locker after the most important game of the season had just been lost. Except for without the smell of teenage hormones and Teen Spirit. And without hearing the opposing team chanting and cheering obnoxiously in the next locker room over. I mean it when I say that I love and appreciate you guys.
You are the best. Every single one of you!


mammabug said...

Wow, I didn't realize they were getting married so soon. They look great though, so beautiful.

And for you Kim, go team! XOXO

Jami said...

Congrats Katsy-poo!!! We love you both!

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