Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh My Quotable Wednesday: Parents

Dear William D. Tammeus,

Oh how I love this quote. So perfect. So cute. So true.  You, obviously, had children of your very own.  And I'm sure you also spent countless hours watching their every move, truly convienced that no other child could put together a puzzle/rock a dollie/learn to walk/make a doggy sound AS CUTE AS THEY.  Isn't it funny how parenthood does that to you.
Couldn't agree more,
Kim - a mother of two
P.S. (times three)
One. Sayonara Mr. Skeleton Head. May you rest in peace.
Two.  Pictures on new header by Sfoto.
Three.  Wishing a very happy birthday to my bestie forever, Breah.
Love you Brea. You're the absolute best.
Thanks for being you. XOXO


Nick and Karalynn said...

Cute cute cute.

I kinda miss mr. skeleton head.

mammabug said...

I love the new header pictures.

Lindsey Lou said...

Ditto! Your new pics are awesome.

Kimberlee said...

Karalynn- I know the name of the font if you would like to bring Mr. Skeleton Head back to life on *your* header. :)

And thanks for the nice comments about our new pictures. I like you guys. You know that, right?

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