Thursday, September 30, 2010

birthday love notes

a birthday love note on
the underconstruction bathroom wall
Hey Spence. Do you remember back when we first started dating and we went on a walk around the college campus? The sprinklers were on in front of the BA building and like a true gentleman you thought it would be funny {maybe flirty} to throw me in front of the sprinklers. I didn't go down without a fight though. And after the whole ordeal we both continued the walk exhausted and soaking wet.

And then remember how, as if to get revenge, I thought it would be funny {maybe flirty} to do that little number where you kick someone in the back of the knee to make their legs buckle. Because I think things like that are funny. And so I did it. Perhaps over did it. Remember how I kicked you so hard that your legs gave out and you tumbled to the sidewalk. So sorry about that.

Looking back I'm not sure why you didn't yell "sayonara, baby," make a mad dash to the "Tool" truck and burn rubber in true escape fashion. I'm not sure why instead you laughed, got back up, brushed the dirt off your wet clothes, and held my hand. I'm not sure why you decided to stick around. But I am sure of one thing . . . I'm glad you did!!


Happy 32nd year {yesterday} to the love of my life and to the most patient and forgiving man I know.

And fun. 
Did I mention he's fun?
Happy birthday to the most patient, forgiving and FUN man I know.


sarah louise said...

Happy Birthday to the 32 year old man who looks like he is 18! (I am not bitter in anyway that you got all the good genes, don't worry).

Love you!

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday Spencer!

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