Monday, September 13, 2010


Today we drank peach smoothies while we watched Beauty and the Beast in our pajamas.
Today the weather was beautiful. Fall-ish, yet summer-ish.
Today Jace insisted on wearing Brynlee's pink headband on a stroll around the neighborhood. I couldn't look at him without laughing.
Today, on the walk with the pink headband, I visited with a neighbor while Brynlee and Jace ran off ahead of me. They beat me home. When I made it home a few minutes later Brynlee had made lunch. A ham and cheese sandwich for her and a hotdog with a side of ketchup for Jace; and a glass of milk, with a gender appropriate colored straw, for each of them.
Today we ate our Brynlee-prepared lunch, picnic style, on the deck.
Today I didn't drink caffeine. Yesterday I finished the last of the diet coke stash in the fridge. I've decided not to restock it. I'll let you know how long that lasts.
Today I looked through the pictures from Jace's little two year old birthday shindig. Our little family had a fun time celebrating. I will be posting a handful of the pictures soon.
Today Brynlee spent fifteen minutes getting Jace's socks and shoes on. Jace didn't complain.
Today we spent the afternoon at the park. We were the only ones there. I love it when that happens.
Today I read a magazine under a park tree while the kids had free rein of the playground equipment. I think we'll do it again tomorrow.
Today Brynlee helped me make dinner. And then she got a bit wild in the stirring and some cheese sauce splashed on her little foot.
Today I finished making dinner alone while Brynlee sat on the couch, snuggling Aunt Katie, with an ice-pack on her dinner making battle wound.
Today we held our FHE lesson on the trampoline. I hope our neighbors didn't hear our rendition of A Child's Prayer. It was a bit off, at best.
Today, for our FHE activity, we hiked the Gibson Jack trail. It was beautiful. Fall is starting to present itself in an array of red, orange and yellows.
Today Jace looked so big {and proud} as he hiked the trail unassisted.
Today before I went up to snuggle Brynlee in bed I introduced Spencer to the sink full of dirty dishes.
Today Brynlee sang herself to sleep with a high pitched, squeaky version of I am a Child of God. She sang it over and over again until her little eyes grew heavy, the singing slowed and she finally escaped to dreamland.
Today Spencer did the dishes.
Today made me smile.
Today made me happy. 
I really like days like today.

On the way back down the mountain.  It was getting dark.

Spence and Jace hiking the Gibson Jack trail

 A speckle of fall, among a mountian of green.

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