Friday, February 5, 2010

(seven o'clock) on the 4th

{at our house} 
Sweet Red Chili Chicken over White Rice and Eggrolls

Yesterday was one of those days.
Brynlee was sick…AGAIN!
And grouchy.
And whiney and irritable.
I spent the day wiping noses.
Forcing Tylenol in little mouths.
And trying to comfort the sick.
Only causing more whining.
And frustration.
When the kids FINALLY went to bed.
I debated spending the remainder of the evening either…
ordering parenting books off of Amazon.
or watching TV while I ate myself into a coma.
I chose option two.
{Jillian Michaels would be so proud.}
After I had cleared our house of anything of the chocolate sort,
Spencer escorted me to bed.
Then Brynlee woke up bright and early this morning.
All chipper, bubbly and feverless.
She gave me hugs and kisses.
Just like yesterday never happened.
And I'm going to pretend like it didn't.
Because I think it's healthier that way.
…if only the bathroom scale would also forget.

Here's to a better Friday. 


Beth said...

Oh Kim, those days are fun, huh. It makes me really appreciate the good days.

sarah louise said...

Hey I have all those parenting books that were ordered from Amazon. You may have them. They don't work.

I realized that I don't remember much before I was 10, so I am hoping my kids won't remember the not so good parenting skills I had before they were 10. But that just means that now I will have to figure out this parenting thing because they are going to start remembering :)

Oh and my life with small kids was constant and I mean CONSTANT sickness during the winter. But these last 2 winters haven't been that bad. They finally have built up their immune systems. Just to let you know it gets better (in about 7 years!).

That food looks yummy! I need that recipe! You are an amazing Mom! Love ya!

MattandChandra said...

Funny that i did the same thing the day before and chocolate really helped me! I feel that whatever works goes! Glad she woke up happy today!!TGIF

Miranda said...

Jillian...grumble grumble...write obscene comment...delete it....grumble grumble.

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