Monday, February 15, 2010

(seven o'clock) on the 14th

{sometime before 7:00}
{at our house}
a valentines day feast
and then we pulled out the hide-a-bed
curled up next to the fire
and spent the rest of the evening
catching up on dvr'd olympics
while i complained about how sick i was.
i got all sentimental when the pair skating came on...
ice skating reminds me of my childhood
it reminds me of my mom and my siblings
it brings back good memories.
while spence laid next to me making fun of
the ice skaters revealing outfits
every now and again
laughing out loud at
the cheesyness of it all.
after each routine he would judge them American Idol style...
"it was just ight for me dawg"
"bloody boring, if you ask me"
"we got a hot one tonight"
which would make me laugh,
that "spray-milk-out-your-nose" kinda laugh
that laugh that he so often makes me do
i'm one lucky girl
with the most perfect valentine


Jami said...

How come I didnt get an invitation???

Lindsey Lou said...

Wow and delicious! Can we come over for valentine's day next year?

Lindsey Lou said...

I made toast with a cutout heart and cooked egg in the middle does that count?

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