Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photo Album: The Holidays, Part 2 of 2

On Tuesday Brynlee’s little pre-school class took a field trip to the library. I tagged along to offer extra seat belts for booster seats and much appreciated adult supervision. Jace came too.

On the car ride over to pre-school Jace had a bit of the IHATETHISDUMBCARSEAT blues. Let me just say it involved much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

To which Brynlee calmly responded:
“Jace Buddy, I bet you are a little scared for your first day of p-hole.”
{That’s what Brynlee calls pre-school. “P-Hole” It makes all pre-school talk just a little awkward, especially for those unfamiliar with all her "p-hole" lingo.}

Then she continued:
“There is just a few things to remember…
First, do EVERYTHING that Miss Jenni tell you to (she says as she points her finger at him).
When you sit on the rug you HAVE TO sit criss-cross-applesauce, okay buddy!
(She leans in a little closer, obviously very serious now)
…And, DON’T YOU DARE go potty in your diaper!”

What would Jace do without his big sister?

And because I know you’ve been waiting…part two of our holiday pictures.


Hollie Rae Keller said...

Oh my goodness! Look at all of those little girl cousins!!!! I bet that is just ball!!! Come over anytime for Breah's gift. Text me and I'll be sure to be here!!! Hope you are doing good! Are you going to Twin on Saturday for Breah's ward shower?

Mikey, Anna, Lillie and Sam said...

I'm totally stealing those pix of New Years as I type. It really was the highlight of our trip, thanks so much for having us. We love you guys.

Miles Family said...

Who calls Heinrich Hank????

Kimberlee said...

Anna- Steal away! And, it was so fun to have you.

Rach- It was a name given to him by the drunk guys in Korea. They couldn't remember Heinrich, or Heiniken (go figure...), but could remember Hank. Right Hinder?

Heinder said...

True Dat Kim Dog!

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