Thursday, January 21, 2010

4:52 on a Thursday

we woke up.
had smoothies and granola bars.
did the preschool thing.
ran errands.
threw a fit in costco.
came home.
trashed the toy room.
put the fit thrower down for a nap.
cleaned the toy room.
made bead necklaces.
went on a walk.
made forts out of couch cushions.
ate yesterdays leftover cupcakes.
danced to Christmas music.
played play-doh.
colored bright pictures.
scrubbed marker off jaces tummy, face, arms & legs.
played games on pbskids.

Then looked at the clock.
The kids and I were anxiously awaiting Spence's arrival.
And I was fresh out of entertaining ideas.

Brynlee suggested that we take pictures while jumping on the coach.
And since I had no superior ideas…

And if she makes the suggestion.
We just might do the same thing tomorrow.


Katie said...

You're such a fun mom, Kim!

Woolf Family said...

ahhah so cute

Jessica said...

Remember whem Maddie said she didn't want to leave your house because it was so beautiful and our house was so boring . . . if she saw these should would probably be begging you to be her mom . . . because your so fun and I am so BORING!

Kali Jo said...

I went to dinner at a friends house that had just had their first baby. It was a "come look at our new house we fixed up" kind of dinner. After we all left (there were 3 couples and 6 kids) Aaron called our host the next day. He said "never ever will my kids jump on the couch, I can't believe that their (meaning the other couple) kids acted like that at someones house. It must be because they can do that at home." We laughed and in a few years I'm gonna invite them to our house and I'll bet their kid does just what ours do. which is Jump on all the furniture!

TJ and Jessica said...

Kim, you are seriously the cutest Mom ever!! When I have babies we'll have to have play dates so you can teach me all the fun things to do with kids :)

Kimberlee said...


My kids can jump on our couches, but if they jumped on somebody elses couches...I'm not sure what would happen, but they'd be in trouble.

My poor kids are so going to need therapy, aren't they?

Lindsey Lou said...

How do you accomplish so much in one day? Can you teach me?

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