Friday, January 8, 2010

Cliffnotes: The Holidays


Spencer off work for two weeks. Love that.

Date night at the Mystique Theater.
Chamber of Shadows. Five course meal. Prime Rib. Magician. Entertainment. No kids.

Few days until Christmas. Finish shopping.
Lounge. Family time. Bliss.

Christmas Eve. A candlelit Shrimp Feast.
Coconut Shrimp. Breaded Shrimp. Bacon-wrapped Shrimp. Shrimp. Shrimp. Shrimp.
Sugar Cookies & Milk for Santa.
A glittery Magic Reindeer Mix for his team.
More family time. Excitement. Enjoyment.
Christmas pajamas and slippers.

Christmas morning. Present unwrapping.
A hand-me-down laptop for Brynlee. A wooden train for Jace.
A GPS for the man of the house. And a black kitchen-aide for his wife.
All presents unwrapped. Wrapping paper recycled.

Joined by my family. House full. Loud. Joyous.
Christmas Dinner. Wii. Card games.
White elephant gift exchange.
Food. Lots and lots of food.
Sleepover. Family leaves.

Bags packed. Road trip. Join Spence’s family.
Baby blessing.
Chaos. Commotion.
Hotel stay. Swimming.
Indoor Amusement Park. Happy children.
Three new Korean aprons. Thanks Heinz.

Drive home. Grocery shop for possible guests.
Phone call to Sarah.  Whine. 
Sledding with the Francis Family. Delight.
 Reminded why I love those guys.
More card games. More Wii.
Joined by more family.
Heinz, Ty and Alena.
Little sleep. Good company.

Cross-country sledding on the golf course.
Enjoyment for the kiddos. Work-out for Spencer and I.

New Years Eve.
More family. The Woolfs.
Dinner. Card games. Mormon bubbly. Welcome 2010.

Stomach flu. Laundry.
More stomach flu. Oodles of stomach flu.
Did I mention the stomach flu.

Cozy fire always stoked. Heinz’s unofficial chore.
More card games. More Wii. Root Beer floats.
Redboxes. Bowling. Movie Theater.
Visiting. Reminiscing.

New church time. During naptime. Ugh.

Back to work for Spencer.
Felt interrupted. Went way to fast.
Christmas decorations down.
January 7th last guests leave.
Christmas over.

Bask in the regular. Comforting. Peaceful.
Reminded how perfectly perfect my little family is.

Our Life Unedited updated.
Kim out.

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sarah louise said...

You are so creative! And you crack me up!

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