Monday, March 30, 2009

Dear Brynlee: On Your 3rd Birthday

Last Sunday Brynlee turned three-years-old. We ended up celebrating her birthday a little earlier in the week while Zeb, Jami and Brooke were down for a visit. Jami and I hung balloons and streamers and made cupcakes while Zeb and Spencer put together the new birthday trampoline. She had a fun day and is already talking about her next birthday. In honor of Brynlee’s birthday I wanted to borrow an idea from my ever-so-talented and creative friend, Katie, who writes a yearly letter to her kids. Thanks Katie for the great idea! So here is to Brynlee on her third birthday:
Sweet Brynlee,

I can’t believe that you are already three-years-old! It seems like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital in your little polka-dotted car seat, your little pink beanie hat and pink blanket engulfing you. Sometimes I look at you and see that strong-minded nine month old with fist clinched to the side of the crib, or that curious one-year old with the wobbly, unpracticed walk. I can still hear your little newborn squeak, your early evening colic cry and your thirteen month old jibber-jabber.

Last summer you and I spent countless hours walking around the neighborhood. You would ride your little red tricycle continually stopping to collect all sorts of nature in the pint size trunk. Every time you stopped to pick up “a prize for your collection” I would have to give you a push start to get the wheels moving again. It was a guarantee that about half way around the block you would tire of peddling. Consequently, I would finish the walk with your tricycle on one hip, you on the other and a very pregnant belly in the center.

It has finally warmed up enough for us to venture out on our nature walks again. And like clockwork your pint size trunk has started accumulating “prizes for your collection”. But this time it’s different. You no longer need my help. You no longer need me to steer around the sharp corners. You not longer need a push start. You no longer tire of the peddling and need to finish the trip in my arms.

You are becoming so independent. You can dress and undress yourself (in fact, you get a little offended when we try to help), you can put on your own shoes, brush your own teeth, buckle your own carseat and use the restroom and wash your hands without our help. And yesterday you informed us that you are so big you don’t even need to use the potty seat on the big potty anymore. You love to cut, color, paint and paste. There is never a day that ends without a pile of newspaper, coloring pages and computer paper clippings on the rug under your little table. You can spend hours drawing pictures then cutting them up into tiny, tiny pieces.

You also love to go grocery shopping. We play a game of “I Spy” in which I will tell you what is on the list and you scan the aisles until you see it. You love to use the self-checkout so you can scan the groceries and bag them all by yourself. At home you push around your little grocery cart loading it up with toys, books and food items to purchase. Often times you call me on your play cell phone to ask what I need you to buy or to tell me the prices of different items in your toybox.

You love to observe. Since you are quite shy you spend a lot of time sitting back and just watching. I am always amazed at what you pick up and remember. You remember places, people and details. You love to “read” (retell) your library books to dad, Jace and I and I am always shocked at how well you know the story after just hearing it once.

Last week, I took you to the 3-5 year old book readers at the library. Now that you are in the older class you go by yourself. I sat outside on the bench and watched you through the window. You were so big, so grown-up singing your nursery rhymes and listening to the stories. When you got out of the class you said, “There is lots to do when you’re three, huh mom?”

Brynlee, I love to watch you love your little brother. From the moment Jace joined our family you have been a wonderful big sister to him. I often look back in the rear view mirror to find you and Jace both buckled in your carseats with your arms stretched out so you can hold hands. You are continually asking to, “See that little buddy” or “Hold that little fellow”. You sing to him. You read him stories. You share your toys with him. You worry about him. You make him laugh. You LOVE HIM! And I love that about you.

You are also a huge fan of your daddy. If given the choice of playing with other little kids your age or playing with your daddy, dad would ALWAYS win. You love to be with him. You two play all sorts of made-up games together and dad is always willing to do the things that mom tires of quickly. If asked who you’re best friend is you’d say, “My daddy!” and it’s true.

I love how freely you tell us that you love us and one of my favorite things is when I tell you that I love you and you say, “whuv you too, mama”.

Brynlee, you are an incredible little girl with a brilliant zest for life. Your dad and I love your energy, your spirit, your heart. And we are truly blessed to be your parents!

Love you always my little-three-year old,


The Kotlacova Cowgirl said...

That is such a neat idea, writing a letter each year. I don't mean to sound like a boob, but your letter made me a bit teary! my little man is 3.5 and growing up all too fast! Your letter reminded of that, and to "let them be little."

Kali Jo said...

HOLY COW IT MADE ME CRY TOO!! I'm glad I'm not the only boob. Awesome idea.I hope I can do that too.(good thing my kids just had all their b-days. now i can wait till next year!

Katie said...

Love your letter! I never would have known that Brynlee is shy---she seems like such an outgoing little character from the stories here.

Kimberlee said...

Katie- She isn't one bit shy in her own element, but she does get overwhelmed by large groups and people she is not familiar with.

Thanks again for the great idea.

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