Sunday, February 8, 2009

An update, an update wha wha an update!

Wow!  Two weeks gone by since the last update. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

We went to Jessica’s last weekend. We took turns watching kids and going to the temple. It was enjoyable. 

Brynlee loves to go to Maddie and Livvie’s house. Jessica always makes us feel special by doing things like making homemade personal pan pizza and Brad does his part by whipping together cinnamon bread French toast for breakfast.

But Spencer pulls the kids down the stairs in a laundry basket so I think all the royalty treatment is deserved! On the way home from Jessica's we dropped by Brett and Sarah’s just in time to taste test the food they had made for their Super Bowl party. Our timing is impeccable.

Then we came home and watched(ish) the Super Bowl.

Okay, before we get asked to leave American soil for not giving our full attention to the game let me argue that we are making improvements. You can’t see it in this picture but the game is on, Spencer is watching, and Kate even mumbles something about face masking or touchdowns every now and again (I on the other hand mumble things like, “Good crap, look at his hair” or “How can somebody that big run that fast?”.) Our Super Bowl track record isn’t that great. In 2004, Spencer and I forgot about the Super Bowl and took a nap instead. In 2005 and 2006 we were cramming for exams so we recorded the Super Bowl. Then on Monday night we fast forwarded the game and watched the commercials. In 2007 we invited my parents, sister and her boyfriend over to watch the game. We were college students at the time and weren’t going to use our slim budget on CableTV. The Super Bowl wasn’t airing on either of our two channels so we watched “The Wedding Singer” instead. In 2008 we drove to Utah in a horrible snow storm for our niece Lilly’s baby blessing. This year we turned on the game and Spencer watched it. Who knows, next year I might watch it too.

Then the kids and I went to my mom’s house on Tuesday. Jami & Brooke came down (or up, or over, or whatever) too. Jami and I tried for a good 10 minutes to take a cute picture of the two of us. Forty seven deleted pictures later (again, it's hard being this photogenic) we gave up and decided that we aren’t cute enough for cute pictures. We do much better with pictures like this:

It was so fun to spend the day at my parent’s house. Thanks Mom and Dad for being so great

Oh, and a few other things that we’ve been up to:

My friend forever Breah (who started a blog by the way) has been coming down to my neck of the woods the last few Monday’s. It is so fun to spend an hour or twelve shopping at Ross with her.

I am going to take the fact that I can’t bend down far enough to untie my shoes to mean that I may have slightly overdone it at Spinning. I also can’t sit-down or stand-up without screaming. I’m not going to do any sugarcoating...I might die. It reminds me of the time that I thought Spinning class and eight months pregnant went together. THEY DON’T!

After an all day grocery shopping trip Brynlee kindly and matter-of-factly stated, “You’re the boss, huh, mom? Dad’s our nice daddy, and you’re our bossy mommy!” Oh, gee. Thanks for that, my charming, endearing and totally unbossy two-year-old.

I started giving Jace rice cereal. He. Loves. It. I feel the tiniest bit guilty buckling him into the adorable pink highchair that I just had to have for Brynlee. But when I see how happy the rice cereal makes him it takes away all the guilt.

In case your of the things on my to-do list for this week is to make a new high chair cover. Preferably one that’s not pink.

And that’s our life unedited all updated!


Miranda said...

How many people do you think actually get the reference from that title? Also, SHUTUP...Breah started a blog w/out telling me. She's in so much trouble.

Kimberlee said...

Probably just you Mandy. But it made me smile that you got it so it was worth it. :)

sarah louise said...

I only go the superbowl parties for the food! I never watch the game. But I am Canadian, so my American card won't be taken away. Phew!

Drew Israelsen Family said...

You should have brought the kids to my house then you all could have gone to the temple together!!!

sarah louise said...

Oh and by the way Spencer is making me look like a bad mom too. Brynn informed me the other day that she wishes I could be a fun parent like Uncle Spencer!

Lacy said...

Fun update!
Glad you had temple time and family time. You and spencer look chilly in that pic, rosy cheeks and all. If it's any consolation about the pink high chair, Jordan's been sleeping in a room with flowers and butterflies for the past couple months.
I'm so sorry you can't move. It is a teeny tiny bit humersous though, mainly the reference to your 8 mom pregnant spinning experience. Reminds me of when I thought that being 8.5 months pregnant would be a great time first-ever try yoga. I later that night realized it was not.

Kimberlee said...

Rachel- You are much to kind. Everytime we go to Jessica's I think about stopping in to say Hi. We will have to drop by one of these times.

Sarah- That cracks me up! Bryn is such a charater.

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