Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Assistance needed in Aisle Number Play-doh

I made homemade Play-doh for Brynlee.

Not because I am some kind of supermom that always goes above and beyond. I am not one of those moms that serves homemade bread for every meal. Or that throws an unfathomable birthday party for their one-year-old that includes steak and shrimp dinner, custom princess dresses for all thirty of the guests and 120 special order gifts for the birthday girl.

I made the homemade play-doh for the exact opposite reason. …because at times my mothering skills are subpar at best. Because sometimes I do things like throw away the cherished play-doh that Santa brought exactly 12 minutes after the gift has been opened. (In my defensive, the play-doh had been mixed together into a massive pile of brown stuff within 3 minutes and I generously let her play with it for 9 more minutes before distracting her and disposing of the stuff.)

Well the other day Brynlee was asking for the play-doh (her memory never ceases to amaze me). And after 15 minutes of us looking for the misplaced play-doh and her telling me that it was her absolute favorite gift from Santa and she couldn’t believe that we couldn’t find it, I suggest that we make some more.

And so me and Google found a play-doh recipe. Brynlee LOVED IT! and played with it for three good hours. And after she was done I threw it away and didn’t feel the tiniest bit guilty because I knew in three more months when she asked for the play-doh we could whip together another batch.

Here is where I need a little help from you. Our play-doh was about the consistency of chewing gum. Brynlee is asking to make play-doh again and I am hoping for a new recipe that is a little more like play-doh and a little less like super glue.

Can anybody help me out with a homemade play-doh recipe?


Jami said...

HaHa,that is just too funny...BECAUSE I just read Amy Workman's blog yesterday and she had a play-doh recipe on hers.....I will email you her address!!!

Jessica said...

The best one I have ever used it this one . . .
It takes a few minutes because you have to cook it but it really is an awesome recipe.

The Jones Family said...

You threw it AWAY!!! I just can't believe it!!!!You are the worst....no normal mom in the world:) ok i might have hung onto it till the next day then would have wished i had thrown it away the day before:)ains

sarah louise said...

I have some recipes, but honestly I have never used any of them. I only buy playdough. I am lazy.

Nick and Karalynn said...

I was trying to find something to cook for dinner, and I found this (don't ask me why it was mixed in with my food recipes)

2 c flour
1/2 c salt
1 tablespoon cream of tartar
1 teaspoon oil
2 c boiling water
food coloring

I liked this one because you don't have to cook it. If you keep it for longer than a couple hours, you can store it in a plastic bag in the fridge. Mix the food coloring in with the water. If you really love your daughter, mix some glitter into it too :)

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