Monday, January 26, 2009

Looky, looky what we did!

Last Monday Spencer got the big work project done and so his boss told him to take the rest of the week off. And since his boss is, well, you know…the boss! he spent the rest of the week at home.

It was enjoyable. It was relaxing. It was divine.

While he was off, we took out a second mortgage to sponsor our new Redbox addiction. I’m kidding, geez. We split the money equally between Redbox and gas money. Those DVD’s don’t deliver themselves. And on top of all the Redboxes, I spent three glorious hours watching Titanic. I cried. And then I laughed. Because I can’t watch Titanic without being reminded of that one time, at a movie theater, in high school, where there was that incident involving a nose and a tart-n-tiny. Oh, ho. Good times. (And for some reason I suddenly feel it’s incredibly important to disclose that it wasn’t my nose. Or my tart-n-tiny.)
While Spencer was home we also ate Cherry Chip Cupcakes with frosting for Breakfast, got more mileage out of our house slippers and pajamas then what is deemed healthy, and aside from the Redbox runs and gym time (cupcakes for breakfast you guys) we never left the house. It was great. I'm so glad we like each other, it makes being a family so much easier.

Oh, and we also did something productive. And since I just knew that nobody would believe me I took picture proof. I couldn't find any before pictures of the Family Room, so you will just have to believe me when I say it looks better now.
I want to find four storage ottomen that I can put in those four cubbies. Then they can be used for extra storage when not in use and extra seating when we have a full house.
When we first moved in we wanted to get rid of that fireplace because we thought it was hideous. It may be hideous, but man that thing is warm and cozy. I think we will keep it. Maybe when I get a picture hung up above the fireplace it won't look so ugly. But, then again it probably still will.

And now for my favorite part. Toys, toys, beautifully organized toys! They may only look like this from 9pm until 8am. But during those hours, it feels good.
I need to do a few more decorating stuff (and things) and paint the fireplace. But I am going to cross the Family Room off of the house to-do list because almost counts with horseshoes, hand grenades and home repairs. Plus, good-enuff is the new black. Right? Right?

And here are my two favorite accessories in the family room. (These pictures are mainly for my mom. She hasn't seen the kids in 25 whole days and is getting a little panicked that she won't recognize them next time we see her. Suprisingly she didn't request me to post an updated picture of myself. I think she picks favorites.)


Jenni said...

I wish Jeremy's job worked like that! Instead he finishes a project then "gets" to spend 2-3 hours at a board meeting talking about it.
The family room looks great. Every toy having a place is a wonderful feeling. Fireplaces do provide an all encompassing heat that's incomparable to any other heat source. What color are you going to paint it?

Jessica said...

I think the orange color looks perfect! Did you enclose have of the built in storage boxes or am I just crazy.

Woolf Family said...

very nice I like the colors but I'm byest I have the same ones in my house. I found a great deal on some nice slip covers on overstock just over $30 if you want to have you sofas work a little better. but if you in to the blue fat roll sofas then never mind Jk :)

Kimberlee said...

Jenni- I am still going to paint it black it just needs a little refresher.

Jessica- Nope, we didn't do anything to the built-one but paint it.

Gretta- Thanks for the suggestions. And I thought about buying slip covers. But remembered that they drive me absolutely nuts so I changed my mind. I never can get those things to stay in place longer than ten minutes. And that was before kids. We are going to buy a big sectional to put in this room soon. So I am just going to make the blue couches work until then.

Lacy said...

cupcakes for breakfast sou dns divine, and if I did it today I don't think my tummy would mind because my carrot cake started me down the wrong path :) That's too funny about the oilbean in my cake.

I like your relaxing week combined with your productivity.

I love all of you shelves and storage space! That is a great idea for the odomans.

Lacy said...

Oh, in case you were looking for my 'professional' opinion... I wonder what it would like to switch the plant and the silver circle thing on the shleves on my right. It bothers me just a titch the that it's on the same level as the circle thing on the left. hahahaha like you really need my advice right. It looks great.

Jami said...

One of these days I might have something that looks half professional....then you can come help me put my plants and circle things in the right place!!! HAHA, Lacy I am really not making fun of just appears that way ;)!!!

Kimberlee said...

Lacy- I think the silver circle things that you are talking about are the speakers. That was Spencer's contribution and I am being a good wife by not touching. :) But since they have caused us to watch nothing buy "boy movies" since he got them all hooked up I am thinking about donating them to DI. He said something about buying a nice big set of speakers. I pretended I didn't hear him.

sarah louise said...

Ha Ha you are eating cupcakes for breakfast...I am going to win our weigh in!

Your kids are so cute!

I like the color. And seriously who is that organized? You need more kids and more toys. Let's see you organize my family room. There is a challange for you!

The Jones Family said...

So what color are you going to paint fireplace? I did it and would deffinately keep it and paint it a rainbow color :) there is something about having things in place despite the fact you know it wont last long. but then again cleaning it sometimes the only exercise i get, i swear you can loose 10 lbs a day (depending on how many times you pick) then its all gained back with the tub of cookies and icecream you devore while enjoy watching your kids start all over again. ains

Miranda said...

I get so scathingly jealous when I see pictures of your beautiful house. Want. To. Own. Home.

Woolf Family said...

I found a trick to keep it in place you by the floaty toys from the dollars store and cut them in half and but them along the sides and back and it stays really well

Ill be making copy's of my pic I was going to try and make a cute chunky frame to go around them before I give them away love ya oh by the way Im knocked up

Kimberlee said...

What are floaty toys, Gretta?

HAHA! You kill me! I am calling you right now.

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