Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This May

So, the summer schedule is in full swing. Yea! We’ve been go, go, going since the minute school let out. And I love it! No schedule, late bedtimes, houseguests, cousins, tball games, snow cones, hiking, picnics, dirty feet, sunkissed cheeks.  I think I’ll always and forever be happiest in the summer.

My BBQ grill started on fire the other day. I’m not entirely sure how it happened. I was making pizza on the grill. Then all the sudden there was fire, like A LOT of fire. I shut off all the burners, but the fire only got bigger. So I tried to turn off the propane, and I realized that somehow the hose-a-ma-jigger that connects the propane to the grill had completely melted and was fueling the fire like crazy. Massive amounts of propane dripping on an already roaring fire. Awesome! We were lucky that both Spence and I were standing right there when it happened or it could have been pretty bad news. The funny thing is that I was just telling Jami earlier that day (she was in the market for a new grill) that my grill, although six years old, still worked like a champ. Right.

Brynlee had to get another baby tooth pulled. That makes five. Poor little girl – her mouth is just way too small for all her new {big} teeth coming in. Anyway, that night I asked her if she had put her tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy and Jace piped up about how he was pretty certain that all the kid’s moms just went to the bank and got money for them after their kid had lost a tooth.  I always thought the tooth fairy (and the Easter Bunny) was a bit far-fetched too. Seriously, after 100’s of thousands of millions of kids teeth why in the crap would the Tooth Fairy still be in the market and willing to pay cold, hard cash for more teeth? What is she doing with all those teeth? Why does she need more? It’s just weird.

We got the kids new bikes as a sort of “end of school year/welcome to summer/you guys really need bigger bikes, and we are just looking for an excuse to gift you said bikes without giving them to you for absolutely no reason at all” sort of gift. Jace wrecked day two and now wants absolutely nothing to do with the thing. He was this close to having mastered the hole no training wheel thing too. Dang it.

Brynlee did her first real fast last Sunday. I was so proud of her. She barely said a word about being hungry, and came up with the reason for her fast all on her own. She started and ended with a personal prayer, and her primary teacher told me that she quietly put the little treat that she gave them on Sunday in her bag to save for later. She has been really trying hard to do everything Jesus wants her to do lately, and has given me inspiration and motivation to try to be better myself. I think that’s really why God gave us kids – to remind us of why we are really here and what really matters. My kids teach me so much.

I hadn’t planned on doing any sort of picture a day on my blog this summer. But now summer has started and I’ve realized that if I don’t do something like that then summer will get away from me. And then come August I will be all sorts of bummed that I didn’t journal a single thing about summer 2014. And sometimes posting a picture is just the easiest and quickest way to get something down in the books. Plus my little sister, Marie, told me today that she made a goal to take a picture a day all summer long like I did last year. And you know, peer pressure and stuff. So maybe I’ll go ahead and do it again too.  We’ll see.

But for now a handful of random pictures from May:

escapee assistance
flying kites on mothers day

my sprinkler guy
the summer reading stack
2nd grade buddies
we try really hard to never comb her hair
See? Told ya.

flying kites again. 
she runs pretty fast when a dog is around
my minivans a beast. she can haul a heck of a load.


Jami said...

Haha! Oh My!! Sorry to hear about your grill ;)! That really stinks! I am excited about summer this year too!!

Jessica said...

Cute little Brynlee and her fast. I love it! Marlee looks exactly like I remember you looking! She is adorable! Poor Jace that bike thing happened to Livvie to--it took quite a while for her to get back on!

Jaelynn said...

Maybe messy hair just runs in the family?? Because Chloe definitely has it too! Also, the grill story is hilarious!

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