Friday, June 6, 2014

The Letters of Summer

**Although I haven’t had time to post any of them, I’ve been jotting down summer notes to my kids.
This one is dated Sunday, June 1st.

playing crack the egg with daddy
June 1st, 2014

Brynlee, Jace & Marlee

Summers here! I would be lying if I said you kids were more excited about that than mom was. In fact, Brynlee, you told me that you wished you could go to school all summer long. I bet that will last all of one or two more years before you are counting down days ‘till summer too. But maybe not. I’m so glad that school is fun for you though that makes sending you there so much easier for me.

We made a trip to Grandpa’s Farm to watch Marie & Brooke dance and sing in their cute little Showtime Performance. Katie and Tyson came with us too. Brynlee, you loved watching Marie and Brookie perform, and afterwards you told me that you would like to do something like that too. We will see. We slept in Grandpa’s camp trailer while we were there, and Jace, you and Zayne decided that you wanted to sleep in the captain bed so I gave in and found myself sleeping on the pullout couch. You guys love our trips to visit the Binghams and Grandma and Grandpa. Some of it has to do with the four wheeler rides that Grandpa always willingly gives you (even when he’s really, really busy) but I think a lot of it has to do with just being in the country. Life just slows down out there. It’s a nice change of pace for us. And while life is really good where we are now, sometimes mom and dad dream of moving our little family to the country too. To a place where we can see the sun rise and set, ride our bikes on gravel roads, and get in a sibling disagreement in the backyard without mom having to worry about you disturbing the neighbors. Who knows where life will take us, and if that dream will ever come to fruition, but it’s fun for dad and mom to dream about every now and again.

We spent our Memorial Day doing yard work. You guys worked so hard and were such a big help. So much help that dad gave you each two dollars at the end of the day. By dinnertime we were all exhausted and filthy, but our yard looked fantastic. I love days spent like that.

Jace, you've decided to play Tball this summer. Your Tball league allows for 5 coach pitches before they resort to the tee.  Your first Tball game you hit the ball off the coaches pitch every time, with no problem at all. It really shocked us since it was the first time you had ever seen a baseball, let alone tried to hit one. Although you don’t tend to get overexcite about things, I could tell you were quite proud. Then you and dad were practicing in the backyard. Dad pitched you the ball, you hit it, but only enough for the ball to jump off the bat and hit you right in the face! You were not impressed. You cried and cried. And then the next day when I was driving you to your Tball game you said you wanted to go home and never wanted to play Tball again. I pretended not to hear you. And although you were really timid, you survived the game. Maybe even enjoyed it a tiny bit. And even though you had to use the tee this go around you had a couple good hits, and you got a few good throws to first base too. I hope it helps in getting a bit of your confidence back.

The Wahlen kids are coming into town tomorrow. And Grandma is visiting too. And last weekend Uncle Heinz and Aunt Rachel came for a visit. It was so fun to see them since they have lived so far away for so long. I think dad really missed his little brother.

We’re heading out for a little Sunday hike. Yea. I love you guys so much.


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