Friday, June 6, 2014

The Letters of Summer

June 1, 2014


We went on a little hike(ish) walk this afternoon - around the Kirkham/AMI trail. Dad and I have wanted to get a closer look at the new freeway connector they are building on our side of town and this seemed the perfect opportunity. The first time dad snuck off the trail to hike up to get a closer look Brynlee, you were not one bit happy. You are such a rule follower, and the sign clearly said that the trail was closed. But a little bit further into our hike(ish) walk both you and Jace were hiking up different parts of the mountain to see what you could see right beside daddy. I mainly stayed back with Marlee and watched as you followed daddy’s every footstep. You sure idolize him. All three of you do. That makes me happy.

You all are so scared of dogs. Like crazy scared! We’ve been working on how to act around dogs so they don’t mistake your panic as wanting to play with them (no running, mainly). There were quite a few dogs out on the trail that day and there were no tears from any of you. Progress, I guess. But seriously, I don’t know what to do to help you overcome your complete animal fear. Mainly because, here’s a secret, mom is really scared of dogs too!

On the way back down the trail Brynlee and Jace gave us all Smurf names and insisted that we all hold hands and hum the Smurf theme song. Over, and over again. Marlee, you got such a kick out of it and kept asking “again, again.” And of course, we obliged.

You guys are such a funny bunch of kids. I love you.

Your Mama Smurf


Jami said...

I almost feel like I shouldn't comment on your letters to your kids, (like they are supposed to be a special thing, kinda like I am eavesdropping in on a conversation, not that there is anything wrong with that ;) haha,...but these lettters are pretty darn cool though!

trulymegs said...

That photo is awesome! Did you take it with your awesome new camera?

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