Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just Today

Spence and I stayed up ‘till 2 am watching Parenthood last night {because we're dorks!}. Add in the daylight savings change and a non-sleep night for Marzee-pants and we woke up this morning 72 different levels of ex.hau.sted. So exhausted that Spencer wore his pajamas to drop Brynlee off at school. Brynlee looked at him all wide-eyed and confused as they walked out the front door. “Why you wearing your pajamas dad!?” And without even missing a beat Spencer answered with a shrug, “It’s pajama day at work today.” Ha! Made me laugh.

After they left, Jace helped me carry all the laundry down the stairs {which is still sitting half folded on the couch by the way}. And then he spent the better part of the morning giving Marlee “boat rides” in an empty box. It was so cute. After school Alyssa and Kyle came over for a playdate and then Bryn reminded us mid-bedtime routine that we forgot to do Family Home Evening tonight. Oops. We were planning on taking cookies to a couple MIA primary children. We will hold a makeup FHE later in the week, I suppose.

Tomorrow’s the pinewood derby so Spence – Mr. Cub Master - has been busy organizing. As I type we are trying to come up with awards for the boys. Most colorful paint job, best use of duct tape and best flames so count as legit pinewood derby awards. Right? right.

The kids are all signed up for spring soccer. Brynlee has decided to play this go around and Spence is planning on coaching Jace’s little team. I am just hoping the weather warms up before the Saturday morning games begin. Because, brrrr. Speaking of warmer weather: my neighbor mowed his lawn on Sunday. What the heck! I’m guessing that he just weaved around the piles of snow that still decorate his yard. So weird.
Anyway, goodnight.
Oh wait! Sarah. I just realized that we forgot to send birthday wishes to Brett today. Happy Birthday Brett. I hope you enjoyed your grapefruit. J


Kerry said...

Hi Kimberlee! How are you? By the sounds of things life is great and busy for you all :)
Marlee is growing up and all of your kiddos are as adorable as ever.
We are doing the soccer thing this year too and I am not a morning/winter person!! I may have to skip a few games I think.
You guys are very keen to sit up that late together, must be a good show!! I never did get around to watching it.
Hope you have a wonderful week!!

sarah louise said...

You know that waking up exhausted thing. Yeah, I did that, because my middle school kids have to get up at the butt crack of dawn and that means one hour before the butt crack of dawn because of lovely day light savings. So because of this I totally forgot the grapefruit!!! I don't think Brett noticed though, so don't tell him :)

Oh and the best mario, lego, or pokemon car would be a category for my boys :)

Jami said...

I see many more late nights in your future because you have quite a few seasons to catch up on!!! ;)Marlee looks so cute in her boat, it looks like Jace was proud of himself for pushing/pulling her in it...so cute!

trulymegs said...

You're back!!!! Sounds like you have some fun things going on. I loved the pj day at work comment. I wish those really did exist!

Hope all is well!!!

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