Saturday, March 23, 2013

Since we last spoke:

Jace got a bug - the throw-up kind. Poor kid.
And then we shared the bug with his baby sister.
Break my heart.
And today Squishy, the brand new seven year old, has been plagued.
Puking kids make me so sad. And a tiny bit grossed out!
It also gives me post traumatic stress syndrome.
So not kidding.
Thank you Heaven that pregnancies are only nine months long.
{Shout out to my sister{s} (wink, wink). Hang in there.}
{crayola artwork on the wall}
My Valentine's present might very well become my birthday present too.
{Bless my husband’s heart.}
He has been so swamped at work that the extra project has been at a bit of a standstill.
Ahhh well, there is always tomorrow.
Or maybe the next day.
And honestly, I am kind of getting used to the tote of tools hanging out in my dining room.
It’s like abstract artwork.
My town got a new Winco.
Between it, Costco and my sister’s amazon prime account I have no reason to shop anywhere else.
In related news it’s been over three years (maybe four, I’ve lost track) since Walmart became dead to me.
Haven’t been back since. It was the best thing for both of us.
We surprised the kids with news of an upcoming trip to Disneyland. (Yeah!)
There response was not a bit what Spence and I had excepted.
There was initial disappointment involved.
Sheer disappointment.
I am going to journal about it because it’s one of those things I want to remember.
…remember when you were so sad and almost cried that we were going to Disneyland!!
But now we are over it, and all sorts of excited.
And are in process of making big plans.
Send me your tips and tricks and recommendations.
On a friends recommendation I ordered myself some HealTastic.
It’s fabulous.
Mom, I am ordering you some too. It actually works.
It’s spring break. Plus, there’s snow on the ground.
Why does that always happen?
But Brynlee got a snow cone machine for her birthday so that makes us all happy.
Anyway, I’m off to clean up birthday party remnants.
And probably to clean up more throw up.
Because that’s what we have been doing around this house as of late.
{P.S. When it was Jace’s turn with the bug he threw up all over the dinner table moments before we dug in. A disgusting day indeed.}
Until later.


trulymegs said...

Loved the update! So sorry everyone got sick though. Congratulations to your sisters. I hope these pregnancies go smoothly. I can't wait to hear the story about Disney. I can't believe they were sad to go. I've never been to either one!

kylee said...

DISNEYLAND! cars land is crazy busy still. you can either wait a line that lasts a million years or try to get a fast pass right when the park opens. i recommend fast passing it. but go for sure! cars land rocks.

Jami said...

HAHA, this still makes me laugh about Disneyland! I am excited to see the finished product of your "play"room...what do you call that room now?!? Marlee is growing up way too quick!

Jaelynn said...

Looks like that nasty bug is making its way everywhere! No fun!

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