Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thirty Days Hath September: Day 4

d a y f o u r : preschooler
He did it! Tear free and all.
Good things about yesterday:

Preschool success. I am so proud of my little backpack clad preschool attendee. He was nervous, and I was nervous {mainly because I knew he was nervous} but we did it! He walked in to preschool, I waved goodbye and made a quick escape without looking back. “Like a band-aide” I told my mom minutes after I dropped him off. Two hours later I picked up a happy little preschooler. I couldn’t wipe the proud mama smile off my face.

Marlee turned 12 weeks old. I can’t believe how fast my little bug is growing and changing. I wish I could pause time just so I could more fully take it all in. She’s a mover these days. Not quite rolling, but still moving. A quick nap propped up on the arm of the couch is no longer safe.
New soccer ball. Jace starts soccer today so yesterday I gifted him his very own soccer ball and shin guards. Last night after dinner Spencer set up some net goals that were stored away in the garage. Brynlee loved it – kicking the ball around and asking Spencer for soccer ‘how to’s’. Jace was too busy saving the world from imaginary “mean guys” to even notice the soccer ball. Watch out Beckham!
Freezer corn. Served my very first bag of this year’s freezer corn for dinner. Every year I debate if the whole freezer corn process is worth the hassle. And then {never fail} every time I serve corn for dinner I am glad I invested the time. Fresh freezer corn is so much better than canned corn or store purchased freezer corn.


sarah louise said...

Yay Jace!!!

Jami said...

Good Job Jace! Good luck with your soccer and score some touchdowns ;) haha!!

trulymegs said...

Yay for Jace! So awesome! And I cannot believe Marlee is 12 weeks old. The next thing you'll know she will be walking. Yikes!

Jessica said...

Good job Jace! I hope day two is as good as day one!

Kate said...

Yay Jace Buddy!!! We are so proud of you!!

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