Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thirty Days Hath September: Day 11-13

I put on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans this morning. And, good news: THEY FIT. {tiny happy dance} I couldn’t, however, bend over. Or, you know, breath! Which, as it turns out, sorta gets in the way of day to day activities. Like breathing, per say.

Ahhhh well … there is always tomorrow, I guess. And for today, I will be sticking with my fat pants.


d a y  e l e v e n : holy cupcake, batman

On the 11th Jace got to celebrate his 4th birthday at preschool. He requested Batman cupcakes to share with his preschool friends. I love that right now in my kid’s life all I have to do is whip up some requested Batman cupcakes to become THE COOLEST MOM EVER! For a second or two anyway, until I tell them they can’t have more ice-cream, or that they need to quit picking their nose or that it’s bedtime … and then within seconds … MEANEST MOM EVER!
d a y  t w e l v e : my baby doll
So far Marlee has been such a patient, even-tempered baby. Even when Jace is smothering her with love {which is often} or when Brynlee is carrying her around like she’s her real live baby doll – the girl just doesn’t complain much. A personality more like her father than her mother, I suppose. However, if she needs snuggled then she wants mama and nobody {nobody} should get in the way. I keep telling Spence not to let it hurt his feelings because in no time at all she will be screaming I WANT DADDY!! numerous times throughout the day. I guarantee it. Because I know … because this isn’t my first rodeo, that’s why.
d a y  t h i r t e e n : raspberry man

Courtesy of my husband. Always the comedian.

Thirty days hath September update to be continued. But for now Jace and I are off to hunt down a Captain America shield. He has show-and-tell at preschool today and has opted to bring his Captain America mask and shield. Except for one problem, the shield is M.I.A. Dang it. If you happen to see it would you please let me know ASAP.

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Jaelynn said...

Marlee is SO BIG and SO CUTE! I didn't even recognize her though, which means it has been too long since we've seen you all! We miss you guys!

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