Monday, May 14, 2012

12 on the 12th [05.12.12]

Dude! I’ve been a total rockstar at crossing things off my to-do list lately. Things that have been sitting unaccomplished for – I don’t know – NINE MONTHS are finally getting done. I even finished the last of mom and dad’s photo albums that I had gifted to them for Christmas, TWO CHRISTMAS’ ago. Over the weekend I finished recovering a chair that has been 89% complete since September. And I’m this close to crossing off the remainder of the finishing touches on all three of the kid’s rooms. I’ve cleaned out every closet, cabinet, drawer and have taken a ridiculous amount of crap to the thrift store. Today I vacuumed and cleaned the van and buckled a vacant baby carseat in the seat behind mine. Not because I feel labor pending, but because the energy – I must put it to use. Nesting? Probably. And it feels good.

This week will mark my 36th week and we are all getting anxious for our little family to officially grow. My kids are so excited for a new bundle of baby sister and the fact that they get to go stay with Kate and Jake for a day when I go to the hospital to “bring the baby home” is like frosting on the cake. They can’t wait!

Saturday was the 12th. The day was spent getting things done: grocery shopping, yard work, wrapping gifts and cleaning house. It left me absolutely exhausted for Mother’s Day the next day - which fit well with my afternoon Mother’s Day nap that I had put in an early request for.
Anyway, my 12 on the 12th:
01.   Cupcakes. Brynlee woke up before the rest of us and served herself breakfast. Cupcakes! The proof was left all over the toy room floor. When I asked her about her breakfast choice she tried to convince me she had eaten a bowl of cereal and leprechauns had helped themselves to the cupcakes. I totally fell for it.
02.  Chef. Spencer made breakfast burritos for the rest of us.
03.  Punk. I usually text my sisters a 12 on the 12th reminder. Just because I’m sweet like that. This is Jami’s response – isn’t she such a charmer.
04.  Tis’ the season. So far this month I’ve received eight wedding announcements, two graduation announcements, two bridal shower invitations and a baby shower invite. I’ve decided to rob a bank and split the earnings equally between them.
05.  Haircuts. I opened the in-house hair salon for a few Saturday morning haircuts. My boys are now sportin’ summer do’s.
06.  Freshly cut.  And so is the lawn.
07.  Loaded up.  A thrift store load that filled the van in its entirety. Did I tell you that I may be nesting?
08.  Costco. I think 90% of my 12 on the 12th include a Costco run.
09.  Strawberry Lemonade. Brynlee decided that my Saturday errands were going to be a “Mommy and Me” date. And since Costco, Winco, Fred Myers and a thrift store drop off makes for a pretty lame Mommy and Me date I treated her to lunch at her choice. She requested shrimp at Sizzler + a Strawberry Lemonade.
10.  Boys. And while we were gone our other half had a quote, unquote man party. Crazy boys. Oh and speaking of my crazy boys, Jace can now do a front flip on the trampoline. Which reminds me, I need to get video of that.  
11.  Gifts. Jake and Kate were headed mom’s direction for Mother’s Day so I loaded the back of their car with gifts for all the upcoming wedding/baby showers/bridal showers that I will not be attending. I have deemed myself to pregnant to travel.
12.   Thank You Gifts. The cute Young Women in my ward threw a surprise mutual night baby shower in my honor. Brynlee and I assembled a little thank you gift for their kindness.

And with that I’m off to bed. Night.


kylee said...

that brynlee know's what's up, i'm all about the cupcakes for breakfast.

trulymegs said...

Such a fun Saturday. Full of getting stuff done, but also some girl (and boy) time. Those are the best days!

Jami said...

Okay, I did have full intentions of doing 12 on the 12th, even with the "shove it" text....but Zeb took the kids into Burley and I slept the day away and he came home with like 2 there you have I dont know how to make them into a cute little collage anymore now tha piknic took a picnic!!! Anyways, I will see what I have on my camera for the day, Because I did take some in the morning.....okay, whatever, I know you dont care and now I have wrote a novel, explaining my missing 12 on the 12th that nobody on your blog looks at anyways...haha...goodbye! P.s. Love the pics and I cant wait for the little munchkin to make her arrival!!!

Jaelynn said...

Those dang leprechauns were at my house too, and ate some cookies for breakfast! Weird..

And I also cannot wait for this little baby to come... So I suggest you follow all of the advice that you gave me, and lots of what I'm sure Jami has advised you of as well. :)

Kimberlee said...

I'm impressed that Zeb took 2 pictures, Jami. That's not bad. And I know what you mean about Picnik. Dumb thing.

Jaelynn- I feel like I should wink at you after reading that comment. Are you saying what I think you are saying. Ha!

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