Thursday, May 17, 2012

Days Ago

19 Days Ago I Turned Thirty! We ate breakfast out, went to the theater, ate cupcakes in the park and finished the evening with a streamer decorated birthday party and a slice of strawberry swirl cheesecake. Brynlee planned the day {and insist on flowers for the birthday girl} and Jace was sure to tell me what my birthday present was five minutes after the surprise had been purchased.  Those kids, I love them. And best part, I was able to sneak in an afternoon birthday nap.  So really, all my birthday wishes did come true.

Fun Family Birthday Fact: Right now Jace is 3. Spence is 33. I’m 30. And Brynlee is 3+3. Cool, right?

Another Fun Birthday Fact: Being eight months pregnant and turning thirty at the same time is, well, awesome. The kind of awesome that makes you want to cry.  For the record I’m not really that old and fat it’s just that pregnancy adds five years. And it makes my butt look big! Aaaannnnd my boobs look saggy.

15 Days Ago Brynlee and Jace had a Cavity Free Dentist Appointment. Booyah! Third cavity free dentist appointment in a row. We celebrated with fun dip, pixie sticks and soda.


{Also, do people still say booyah? I’m thinking probably not}

14 Days Ago the Young Women in my Ward Threw a Surprise Baby Shower for Me. And I was so embarrassed. Not because they threw me a surprise shower - that was way sweet of them. But because Spencer was so good at keeping the whole thing a surprise and I managed to show up at the party with unbrushed teeth, yesterday’s hairdo, and no make-up.

I felt like a rockstar.

12 Days Ago We Celebrated Alan & Kate’s College Diplomas. Excuse me while I brag, but that means that all of my parents kids are now college graduates. Well, except Marie. But, seriously, she’s TEN.

7 Days Ago I Joined Brynlee for a Mom and Muffins Celebration at Her School. So cute and so sweet. I cried.

And today, Jace and I will be planting flowers while Spencer joins Brynlee’s Kindergarten class for a fun filled day at the zoo. It’s pretty cool when mom volunteers at the school. But it’s dang cool - as in way cooler than cool - when dad volunteers. Bryn’s so excited. I can’t believe that her Kindergarten career is coming to a quick end. Sheesh! Time goes so fast. I mean, I’m the big 3-0 forcryingoutloud.


smashley said...

so just so you know, pretty much every time i read your blog i think "i want to be best friends with her." i just think you are that cool.

Jami said...

and your Thirty 3+3+3 weeks pregnant ;)...haha kidding!!! Fun things are going on up there, I guess it is time for a visit!

Jami said...

and your Thirty 3+3+3 weeks pregnant ;)...haha kidding!!! Fun things are going on up there, I guess it is time for a visit!

Kimberlee said...

Except Jami, I'm only thirty 3+3 weeks pregnant {36 wks). Brynlee's been asking for a play date with Brooke so I guess you are right, come visit.

Jaelynn said...

Tell Jace that he looks super cool in his dentist picture! He's the man!

Also the picture of you and Brynlee at her school? Too cute.

Jo (@ boogaloo) said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!!

Jessica said...

I love jaces dentist pic! To cute!!!

Kerry said...

And I'm the big 3-4 so you should feel better now!!
Great post and pics, so good to catch up on you and your life :)
Glad you had a great birthday, what was in the box?
P.S. Do you have Instagram, if not, get it!
Thanks :)

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