Friday, March 9, 2012

A word about HG.

My mother-in-law had TWELVE kids. No multiples. No adoptions. No step kids. No kidding.

Excuse me while I compute.

That means she spent 9 years of her life pregnant. Or 108 months. Or 470 weeks/3,288 days/78,893 hours PREGNANT!

God bless her child bearing soul. The thought alone gives me heartburn. Honestly, everything right now gives me heartburn. But, still the same.

They say you forget all the misery and endless woe at first whiff of that fresh from heaven newborn aroma. And I agree, you do!

BUT TWELVE TIMES?! OH. MY. WORD! I don't care how good heaven smells...nothing is intoxicating enough to make me forget twelve times over.

Mind if I make a confession?

This pregnancy has been so dang hard for me. I feel bad saying it; like I’m complaining or undermining the beauty that is pregnancy. And I’m not - I would never wish it away. Never, ever. As miserable as pregnancy is, miscarrying is even worse. And, although I’ve never experienced it, I imagine infertility to be totally devastating.

But we all have different trials and hardships. And pregnancy: it's one of mine.

A couple weeks ago a friend sent me this link on hyperemesis gravidarum {I wrote a little about my own experience with it back here.} I found comfort in the article. Validation, I guess.  So I’m paying it forward and linking to the article in case anybody else is interested in reading it.

Anyway, go celebrate. It’s Friday! And it’s March. Three cheers.

The kids and I soaking up last weekends sun.


Jaelynn said...

Kim you have seriously been such a trooper. And you're getting closer!! Also I'm glad you finally blogged. Now get some pictures up of those cute kiddos would ya?!

sarah louise said...

I didn't experience that my whole pregnancy, but being on bed rest for 4 months with Alec was super challenging. I had contractions every 5 minutes for 4 months!! I had a neighbor tell me all the time that you won't be pregnant forever. At the time it didn't comfort me. When you feel crappy it is hard to see the future, you are just trying to get through each minute. I am sorry pregnancy is hard on you. You are doing awesome! It will be so worth it.

TraciFree said...

"Bless her child-bearing soul". Ha! Hey, everyone is good at something, right?

Kerry said...

Sorry to hear that you are not enjoying this pregnancy Kimberlee
Not long now, hang in there (no choice anyway hehe)
It's all worth it in the end.

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