Monday, March 12, 2012


+School Activities: 100th day of school, a birthday party for Dr. Seuss and a Reading Challenge Pizza Party.
+A family sleepover in the toy room: popcorn, movies and an extra late bedtime. So much fun.
+An evening at the gym’s pool. Jace’s request.
+A mommy/me date for Brynlee and I; a performance by the BYU Ambassadors. I don’t think I will ever tire of watching plays and performances with my girl.
+Bedroom swap. The guest bedroom is becoming Brynlee’s new room and Bryn’s old room will be reserved for baby sister.
+Enjoying spring like weather: golf course running, trampoline jumping, bike riding and park playing.
+Giving the scripture in primary - a first for my oh so big sunbeam boy. Melt my heart.
+Doorbell ditching a neighbor with a plate of chocolate frosted goodness.
+Pregnancy counting: {almost} 27 weeks.

Also, don’t tell Spencer, but I’ve developed a major crush on Edna! I hate when he’s right – and I don’t want to hear I told you so. But Edna, she now holds memoirs that are my world: thousands of pictures that represent life – our life. Spence programmed her to be a constant stream of old photos. The kids and I will laugh and reminisce of days gone by. Oooohhhing and aaaahhhing at their baby photos, laughing at some of the funny things we’ve done and remembering when we did this or when we did that. While the kids sleep, Spence and I will cuddle up on the couch glued to Edna’s slideshow, feeling so thankful for everything that we’ve been blessed with. It’s a constant reminder that life is perfection. That, as a whole, our life is more than we could have dreamt it to be. Request Edna to play a little Pandora in the background and I am a pregnant blubbering mess of happiness and sappiness. I really am the luckiest girl alive! With the goofiest family. And that makes me so very, very happy.

Here are a few new photos that we've added to Edna's collection over the last week or so:

headstand contest

cheese: jace style

easy baking

the sleepover

fort living



homework, via extra large pencil

pool tricks

park life

welcome spring weather
please stay awhile


trulymegs said...

I really like photo of Brynlee jumping. Her face says it all!

Kerry said...

You guys like to jump huh? Great pics Kimberlee :)
So glad you're at 27 weeks, that is over half way by far!!
I love slideshows like that too, seeing pics you may not have seen for a while or even remember at all, priceless!
Have a wonderful Spring!! X

Jaelynn said...

You guys have too much fun. We're going to have to crash your party again sometime so we can have fun along with you!

Jami said...

Love the pictures! I was thinking we need to get together soon! I am having a itch to come visit or you come visit me, just sayin!

kylee said...

easy bake?!! oh my YESSSS! that is the one thing i wanted as a child and never got. also, i love your life. i love how adorable your family is and i love all the fun things you do.

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