Monday, August 22, 2011

Flip Flopped

Well, hi there.  I’ve started like a bazillion million blog posts lately and have posted a grand total of zero.  I hate when that happens.  But no worries {like you were worried, right}, I’ll be back at it before you know it.  Things have been busy at my house: a family reunion + a baptism + another camping trip + a rodeo + Chicago the play + a broken washing machine + cramming in the last of our house to do list {we are oh so close to finishing}.  Tomorrows plan is to do the final register/test for Brynlee to start kindergarten, finish painting the garage floor and possibly packing for another trip out of town.  I’m still undecided if I’m actually going or not.  Speaking of undecided, Spencer and I have had the hardest time deciding if he should take another class this semester.  Yes, no, absolutely, why not, heck no, it would be stupid not to, it would be stupid to, of course, no way. . . you know, that sort of thing.  Classes start tomorrow and I think our final decision is a yes.  But tomorrow is an entirely new day, so who knows what it will bring. 
Anyways, updates to come - but for now I’m off to bed.  But not before I post this goofy picture of my kids - transposed.  They swapped clothes one day.  For fun.  They are so weird. 
I filed the photo in my folder titled Photos to Keep to Blackmail my Teenage Children, because someday it's bound to come in handy.


Kerry said...

Funny, cute and fantastic blackmail material lol
You guys have been super busy, you'll be needing a break soon to relax and put your feet up :)
If you go away, have fun!

Debbie said...

hahahaha - I need to start a file like that too. I have several good ones that would be awesome blackmail material. Cute picture :)

trulymegs said...

So cute! Glad to hear your summer is coming to a good, filled with fun end.

Rachel said...

Love the blackmail photo! Steve is going to school again this semester, we are almost there! Sounds like you have been busy. Us too, time is just flying by way too fast. Can you believe that we have kindergartners???

Jami said...

HAHA!!! That picture is pretty trippy on the eyes!! Still Cute, all the same!!

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