Thursday, May 26, 2011

Written to Abby

Dear Abby,

I believe I’ve given birth to a superhero.  Any advice would be appreciated.

~the superheors adoring mother


Last summer my sister-in-law mentioned that if she were a superhero her super power would be picking out perfect watermelons.  Touché, she really has a knack for bringing home the juciest cream of the crop watermelon. 

I’m not near as talented.  My superhero power would probably be talking really loud at inappropriate time or being able to consume an entire pan of brownies with chocolate frosting all by myself.  Which sadly, would get a superhero absolutely nowhere.  I despair. 

I’m curious - if you were a superhero what would your super power be? 


Natalie said...

Love the pic in the air! Hmmm...what superhero would I be...I would say the ability to take a shower in like less than 5 minutes...or even eat a whole meal. Aww darn who am I kidding those aren't superhero powers...those are mom powers!

Unknown said...

Hey I might steal this post. I have always wanted to know what peoples secret super hero powers might be.

Jo (@ boogaloo) said...

My superhero power is to be able to fall asleep - I mean OUT - in less than 5 minutes. Even less. Like 1 minute.

I love slee .......zzzzzzzzz

Mikey, Anna, Lillie and Sam said...

If you asked me as a teenager I would totally love to be able to breath under water and have my body to be able to withstand the presser of deep sea diving. I know those are two powers but they have to go together in my mind. Now that I am a mom of little ones I wish for the super power of multiplicity. I get so bugged that I have to do house work when all I want to do is hand out with my kiddos and pretend to be a horsey,wrestle, and have dance parties.

Claire said...

I want to fly! But eating a whole pan of brownies and NOT gaining any weight would be an awesome power. Yeah, actually I might rather have the super power metabolism over flying.

Your son is the cutest super hero I've ever seen. Gonna have to keep my Princess away from him. He's too cute!

kylee said...

i my super hero power would probably be my speedy ability to pull out my camera. really though. my friends probably hate me for taking so many pictures of our life. but in the end they'll thank me for documenting it so well. my future kids on the other hand will probably reaalllly hate me for needing pictures of every single thing.

smashley said...

i wish i had teleportation.
for reals.

Kimberlee said...

@Jo- I. Want. That. superhero power. Seriously, best power ever.

@Anna- Multiplicity would be wonderful.

@Sarah- Steal away my friend.

Kali Jo said...

oh gosh what super power wouldn't i want?!!! Multiplicity!!! Definitly! How about the power to always reach in my pocket and have the exact amount of money i need to buy something plus 5 dollars. then I could afford a house keeper, baby sitter, any groceries I wanted even the name brand stuff. That would be awesome!!

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