Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our house reeks of new carpet and sleep deprivation

Remember how I told you we were getting new carpet?  Well, it’s happening.

And my OCD couldn’t be more excited. 

As we’ve emptied rooms of their belongings I’ve cleaned out every closet, drawer, nook & cranny.  And while Spencer has been ripping out old carpet, pulling staples out of the floor boards and using no less than 8 bajillion screws to quiet the floor squeakies I’ve been painting ceilings and closets and trim and doors and walls and really anything else I can get my paint stained hands on.  Including our bedspread . . . whoops. 

This morning Spence and I moaned and groaned and pulled ourselves out of bed like a 90 year old couple that decided it a good idea to attempt break dancing AND go bowling on the same evening.  I have a handful of paint roller blisters on my right hand and my neck is permanently stuck in ceiling viewing position.  I feel like a million bucks.  Only not.

P.S.  While I type Brynlee is decorating the dining room for something I believe she’s titled “a party for the carpet.”  She’s adorned with Crayola artwork and has informed me that after the carpet is completely done we will celebrate with a feast.  She’s set out ramekins of Pirates Booty, filled cups with ice water and has a piece of gum to be split between the four of us for dessert.  So you know, quite ‘the feast’.  So sometime Friday afternoon when the carpet installation is complete we will dine on stale Pirates Booty and two day old water.  If you’re not busy you should join us.

The kids preparing for a sleepover in our bedroom while their rooms are sans carpet.


Candace said...

Haha sounds like quite the feast! And quite the home makeover! :)

Natalie said...

Ha ha sounds tasty! LOL! Man you guys have been working hard it sounds like! :)

ailinh said...

Definitely! Count me in on the fun!

tharker said...

Her celebration feast is too adorable!

Marybelle Storz said...

The feast for your new carpet seemed fun! How was it? Well, carpets can really beautify one's house. One thing you shouldn't forget to do is the cleaning part. A vacuum cleaner a day keeps the dirt away! :)

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