Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh My Quotable Wednesday: Memories

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I've been a bit nostalgic lately; this time of year always seems to do it to me. This week, more than usual.

I've been consumed by a project; one that involves piles and piles of old pictures. The dated pictures cause memories to flood my mind. Memories from my childhood: grandma's house, my siblings, the blue Smurf bike, tubing behind the 4-wheeler, clogging, rolling down cottonseed. Memories from my awkward years: moving to Filer, 7th & 8th grade volleyball, dairy heifer 4-H, playing Skip-bo on the bus, Erin, cheerleading, writing notes to Josh. High school memories: dating, sports, early morning seminary, friendships, late night talks with Lacy, Jamba Juice, football games, speech competitions, first love. And then Spence and I will start talking about remember when. Remember when we watched the fireworks from the Perkins roof? Remember when we drove all the way to Jackson Hole, and then turned around and came right back home? Remember when I whispered something to you during church at our college ward and then you answered back real loud just to be funny? Remember when we drove home from Utah in that snow storm and when we finally made it back we decided that we couldn't drive one more second in the snow. So we parked the car and walked, in the blizzard, to eat dinner at Wingers? Some of my favorite memories are remember when's with Spencer. And a lot of our memories are still in the making. Sweet memories, for us and our children, yet to be created.

I hope that my kids will have as fond of memories of their childhood as I do of mine.


Rachel said...

I love your remember whens, now I am feelinG nostalgic too!

Jami said...

Oh...the memories!!! Who is that cute little baby in the middle????

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