Monday, November 1, 2010

October Leftovers

Four things. Five pictures. 

Thing one. Jace learned to climb in and out of his crib all by himself. And not safely either. His dismount includes a small front flip onto the nearby rocking chair. And as his loving parents we're afraid that in the near future the crib escape stars won't align; and in consequence it won't end well for our lil' two-year-old hero.

In other news, we bought a new bed. And last night Jace spent the very last night of October in a big boy bed. And I mumbled and groaned because we're ruining it, he sleeps so dang good in his crib and how will I ever contain him at naptime and maybe if he bonked his head a time or two he wouldn't try the front flip escape route anymore and naptime would be saved. Maybe.

Thing two. Brynlee's not a big fan of door to door trick-or-treating. She loves a good trunk-or-treat, or a Halloween carnival or even trick-or-treating in a small area. But door-to-door? No way! Absolutely not. The whole ordeal is a bit overwhelming for someone as reserved and timid as her. Because, get this, you have to knock on someone's door. And then they open it. And then they stand there and look at you. And then YOU HAVE TO SAY TRICK-OR-TREAT! AND THANK YOU! AND QUITE POSSIBLY MAKE EYE CONTACT!! And all you get in return is one piece of candy. And all that knocking on someone's door, and making eye contact, and talking to people is SO NOT WORTH ONE LOUSY PIECE OF CANDY.

We trick-or-treated two neighbors' doors and then she asked if we could call it a night. And I was completely on board. Because between the ZooBoo, her preschool Halloween party, trick-or-treating at the library and our ward Halloween carnival I figured our dentist had enough job security for the upcoming year.

Thing three. And just for the record Jace doesn't care where he trick-or-treats. It's clearly just a means to an end. The source isn't important as long as a steady stream of candy gets put in his bag. Candy is his love language. But to be honest he doesn't really eat it. He samples. Opens every single piece, takes a lick, then hands it to Spencer to properly dispose of.

Thing four. Project: Master Bathroom is oh, so close to Project: Completion. Please feel free to address all congratulatory correspondence {and small gifts if you feel so inclined} to the lady who sold her sanity for an updated masterbathroom. Would it be weird to have a Bathroomwarming party in celebration? Just wondering.
Picture one: Brynlee amongst the picked {green?} pumpkins at the pumpkin patch.

Picture two: Apples and carmel.  Yum.

Picture three: Family todem pole at the corn maze.

Picture four:  Spence and our costume clad children digging for dinosaur fossils at the ZooBoo.

Picture five: Remnants of a Saturday afternoon birthday party with friends.
Happy November, ya'll.

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Jami said...

Cute Pictures....except you forgot your bathroom!!! Anyways....Brooke was looking and asked "What's Brynlee doing with a butterfly head?" on the last was funny!!

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