Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkins 2010

On Monday we painted pumpkins. Here's the hard evidence:

Spence's Patrick Star Pumpkin:

Brynlee's White Ghost Pumpkin:

My Trick or "Tweet" Pumpkin:

Jace's Splatter Pumpkin:

I love fall. I love traditions. I love my family.

Speaking of family, my sisters are here.

We stayed up until the very early morning hours: planning, looking at old pictures, and discussing all manner of highly educated and important topics.  My house is screaming with children and the couches are full of exhausted mothers.  It's starting to feel like holiday time.   And I love it.


gretta said...

I love the trick or tweet Idea and good job spency too

Mikey, Anna, Lillie and Sam said...

Those are so cute. We just got our pumpkins and we will be painting them for our FHE this Monday. Yeah for Halloween pumpkins.

Lacy said...

trick or tweet, so cute! and Spencers ghost remind me of patrick from sponge bob for some reason. Are you standing on the kitchen counter for that first picture?

Happy halloween!

Lacy said...

hahaha I just went back to your post and realized that I missed the heading for spence's pumkin. It IS patrick. I feel sheepish. Well, he did a good job.

Kimberlee said...

LOL Lacy! I've missed you. Nope, not on the kitchen counter. Just held the camera above my head in a "I have no clue what I'm actually taking a picture of" fashion. Had to try three different times, because every time I got the camera up miles above my eyes I couldn't find the button that takes the pictures. I've never claim to be a photographer, but you gotta admit...I've got some serious skillz. :)

Next time I'm standing on the counter.

Jaime said...

too fun. and some much easier than carving... :)

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