Monday, October 11, 2010

He's like a walking Disneyland


Sometimes we walk down to the school by our house. And then you beg dad to pick you up and hang you from the soccer goal post. And he does, because he's your dad, and that's what your dad does. Once you're {somewhat} securely hung dad let's go of you and you white knuckle it until you can't hang on any longer. And then, without warning, you drop. Mom says a quick prayer takes a picture. And then at some point between letting go and landing dad catches you.

And then it's the next persons turn. Turn after turn, same routine, over and over again. Because things like that never ever get old.

Well, for you.

Eventually dad makes up some excuse about how his legs aren't working anymore. Or how he lost his real arm {back in the war} and how his artificial replacement arm tires easily. Or how you can only do it one.more.time or the posts are going to completely engulf in flames. He saw it on a movie one time. No kidding.

And then your eyes immediately turn to me for reassurance. "No sir, huh mom?" Because that's what you always do when dad starts with his story telling.

You two have the coolest dad. Ever.  I hope you know that.

Loves forever,


Jami said...

They do have a pretty fun daddio!!!

sarah louise said...

My kids would so agree that he is like a walking Disneyland! I am often told they wish I could be as fun as Uncle Spencer.

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