Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh My Quotable Wednesday: Big Sister

I planned on posting the Oh My Quotable Wednesday post on, you know, Wednesday. But blogger wouldn't let me.

Well, in all fairness, it would let me. It just auto corrected my picture every.single.time turning it sideways for me. Thank you very much, Mr. Computer, you big FAT know it all. But as it turns out I didn't really want the picture to be turned sideways.  Go figure.

So in an effort to solve all the sideways problems, I went to bed.

And it helped.

And then this morning, I turned the pictures sideways prior to uploading it to blogger. Then when blogger auto-fixed it for me . . . TAADAA! right side up.

I really am half, one quarter, one-eighth genius.

Happy Thursday, my friends. 

 There's actually a purpose to Oh My Quotable Wednesday
And I'll share it with you.
Possibly after all my chores are done. 
She says as she takes some cold medicine
and glances over at the kitchen full of day old dirty dishes,
feeling thankful that she can't actually smell {or breathe} out of her nose.


Anonymous said...

Priceless picture! LOVE quotable!

MattandChandra said...

Hi! I haven't been on the computer much lately so this is probably a little late, but I love all your new family pictures! They are so good! Who did them for you?

Kimberlee said...

Hey Chandra. My sister-in-law, Sarah, took them. You can see more of her pictures and pricing at if your interested. Shes does a great job and is very reasonable priced.

Anonymous said...

If your 1/8th genius whats the other 7/8th? :)

Jaelynn said...

cute cute cute picture Kim! I wish we could see those kids of yours more often!

Kimberlee said...

I would like to plead the 5th, Angie. :)

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