Monday, October 18, 2010

Because I love to tell ya’ll stuff.

Can I tell you a few things about my little sister Katie?

Well. . . she's our roommate. Sleeps in the bedroom at the very end of the hall. But she's seldom ever home. She's an English major. And won't hesitate in correcting your grammar mid-conversation. She can write a well written paper in record time. And can read an entire book in an evening. Yet, she doesn't know how to spell Mississippi. Just sayin', Kate. She covers her ears and pretends not to listen if ever she thinks that my sisters or I have shared too much information. {Which seldom happens, mind you.} She always looks like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine. Yet she shops at the Goodwill, almost exclusively. And she's proud. She sleeps with earplugs in. And, when she doesn't have class, occasionally forgets to wake up until noon. She likes Ramen Noodles. And Mountain Dew. Although she's currently on a no caffeine diet. She does that occasionally. But then she gives in. And she and Mountain Dew are reunited once again. She's watched all the episodes of "Friends" more times than is considered healthy. She hates when you ask her too many questions. And doesn't like to be center of attention. She a hard worker. And quite charming. And she always has a vase of fresh flowers in her bedroom. Fresh flowers from Jake.

Can I tell you a few things about Jake?

Well. . . he's humorous. And energetic. And my kids think the world of him. In fact, I think all kids do. He's just got one of those personalities. Fun-loving. Playful. Entertaining. He loves those little flavored tootsie rolls. And usually has a pocket full to share. He ate lunch at Quiznos every single day for a long time. And then Quiznos closed in our town. And now I don't know where he eats lunch. He speaks Spanish. And served a Spanish speaking mission. In California, I believe. He graduated from the same high school that Spence graduated from. Except for, a few years later. He works at a restaurant. And brings rolls with cinnamon butter to our house upon request. He cracks me up. And he's fun to hang out with. He's patient. He doesn't give up easily. Because sometimes good things are worth waiting around for. Even ask him.

Can I tell you a few things about Katie and Jake?

Well. . . they like each other. A lot. And their names sound good together. Kate and Jake. Wouldn't you agree? He bought Katie a sparkly ring. And she said yes. And now they're going to get married. And they can't wait.

And neither can I. Congrats Kate and Jake. We are super excited for the two of you. Love you guys!


mammabug said...

Wow, that's so exciting! Do you have enough room for another roommate? I can't believe how grown up we all are it's almost disgusting because I don't feel like I should be that grown up. I still want to be able to eat whatever I want and as much of it as possible and then just figure I'll run it off in volleyball practice because then it was ok to wear spandex. But anyway tell her congratulations.

Miranda said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay! Congrats Katie + Jake!

Jami said...

WE Love You GUYS!!! SO excited for you guys to get hitched!

Rachel said...

Ohhhh, Goody, that is just great!!!! Congratulations, and yes your names do sound good together!

Lacy said...

That's exciting! Your baby sister is getting married!! I'm not sure if I ever saw a picture of your mom when she was kate's age, but I would imagine that she looked just like Katie! hmm, I wonder what else I can saw that will need exclamation points. Oh, I know. Congratulations!!!

and, we would love to come vitit!! and we would love for you to come to my play!!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Sounds like some parties are in order! Congrats!

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