Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photo Album: The 10 Year Reunion

Ya'll are aware that I take pictures in great quantities, right? You obviously know that I'm not ashamed to take a month worth of pictures of my feet and post them on my blog. And although my photography skills are even worse than the lousiest of photographers I view 30 pictures in 30 days as some sort of creative outlet. You know that my camera is always with me. And that I take pictures of my kids when they are laughing/crying/jumping/sleeping/playing/eating/or doing anything else remotely interesting that children do. And one picture isn't sufficient. ABSOLUTELY NOT! I take oodles of pictures. Of everything.

Well everything except my 10 year class reunion.

Actually I did take pictures. Just not decent pictures.  Because some of them are blurry:

And a few of them look like this:

But most of them look like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Oh well. There's always the twenty year.

{I'm raising my right arm as I type, just trust me.} I solemnly swear to take more {decent} pictures at the twenty year reunion.

Because by the twenty year I'll be all sorts of mature and grown up {probably}.  I mean. . . how could I not be? By then Spencer and I will have been married for seventeen years. Brynlee will be fourteen. Jace, almost twelve. I'll be {ahem} thirty-eight and Spencer will be {almost} forty-two {good crap!}. I'll have been out of high school for twenty years and it will have been thirty-two years since I first attended kindergarten. Nineteen years since I first meet Spence and fifteen years since I first experienced pregnancy. Seventeen years since Spencer and I bought our first little house and twenty-six years since I joined my first volleyball team. And twenty-eight years since I met most of these people:

Now that, my friends, will be something to photograph.

**Erin, I'm especially sad that I didn't get a single picture of us.
At the twenty year, it's you and me.
Just sayin.


Lindsey Lou said...

Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves and had a pretty good turn out. Thanks for posting the photos you did take. It is fun to see everyone,even though they are a little blurry:)

mammabug said...

Even though my feet didn't make it, it looks like you all had fun. I'm sure you're glad that you did decide to go. We'll have to get together again soon.

Kimberlee said...

We had a much better turn out at the family picnic then the dinner that night {but I didn't take any pictures at the picnic}. Are you in charge of the planning for yours??

Erin- We missed you at the dinner. Wish you would have been there. Agreed, let's get together SOON!

Unknown said...

alright so I am slightly offended that I so wasn't invited to the roommate reunion. Apparently I am crossed off the list! grr! always forget the Utah one! :)

Unknown said...

oh and don't worry Mandy is getting hate mail from me too!

Kimberlee said...

A roomate party wouldn't be a roomate party witbout you! Your the life of the party, of corse we want you there. :) We just didn't have your email address and we were waiting for you to send it to Mandy so we could send you the evite. Email me kimberleemyers@hotmail.com.


Lib said...

Kim, you're hilarious. I love the tdf. I was really great to see you at the reunion... and no worries, no matter how great your photo-ing is at the 20 year, we're all gonna look much better 10 years ago, at least we'll say that. :)

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