Thursday, August 5, 2010

TDF: When we all scream for ice-cream.

Today we celebrated Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Emily, Maddie, one-year old Zayne, and my Grandpa B's birthday with a huge scoop of Farr's Playdough ice-cream on a cone.

And even though none of the birthday guests were actually in attendance, or even knew we were celebrating, the grass was green, the sun was shining and the ice-cream drippies were bountiful.

And then, to top it off, my mom and little sis gifted me a bag of dried mangos and berries for watching their kiddos while they spent the day shopping.

Ice-cream and dried fruit.  That's what great days are made of.

Three cheers for the August 4th and 5th Birthday clan
{and my, there's a whole lot of you}.
Birthday wishes from us to you!

Why all the feet pictures?
More about tour de feet here.

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