Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a (seventeenth) confession

Confession: Sometimes, in Sunday school, I multitask.

Proof: This post, originally written July 18th on the backside of a Sacrament program. 


May 7, 2010
The first day our yellow tulips were in full bloom.
Brynlee got a marker and a notebook
and went outside to make picture documentation.

"Mommy," Brynlee cautiously questioned while standing in the back of an orange Home Depot shopping cart.

"Yeah. . ." I mumbled not taking the time to look up from unloading tiles and supplies.

"What if you accidently forgot me in the shopping cart?"

"Oh Brynlee, that would never, never, EVER happen." I said while kissing the tip of her little freckled nose.

"But mama" she continued unsatisfied with my answer, "what if you accidently did?"

"Then I would come right back here, and I'd get you, and I would kiss you a million billion times and tell you I was sorry."

"But what if somebody else came first and they took me before you could!?"

"Then I would chase after them. And I would catch them. And I would take you back."

"But what if you couldn't catch them?"


"But what if they took me to their house?"

"Then I would go to their house, and I would get you."

"But what if they locked the door?"

"Then I would kick it down."

"But what if they were really strong and they were holding the door up?"

The shopping cart was empty now and the back of the pick-up loaded.

"Well then," I said laughing, "I'd find a gun!"

She paused for a moment and then continued, "Just don't ever forget me in the back of the Home Depot shopping cart, okay mommy!"

And then I wrapped both arms around her, carried her to the cab of the truck and buckled her safety in her car seat with her little brother right by her side.


Confession: I'm not that good at multitasking durning Sunday School.

Proof:  The post where I told my 4 year old daughter I would 'find a gun' and then, AND THEN I wrote it all down for hard evidence.


Confession:  The part about the gun. . . I so wasn't kidding.

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Jami said...

I am not sure why nobody ever commented on this post...but I was just looking back and this would be SOOO sad if this happened! What a little sweetheart! I can't imagine if that were to happen to ANY of our family members....well I guess to anybody that we know it would be HORRIBLE....anyways, that is just what I was thinking when I read back!

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