Thursday, July 29, 2010


Guess who learned to do a front flip on the trampoline?
My daughter did.  She rockin'!

Video of Brynlee doing flip: Take One.

Video of Brynlee doing flip: Take Two. 
{For some reason I couldn't get the audio to upload on the second video.
To be honest, I only tried once and for some reason there was video but no audio.
I may or may not have done a tiny celebratory dance.
Hearing my {high-pitched talking to children} voice on the video camera. . . it's like fingernails down the chalkboard.
Only worse. [[shudder]] }

And in other big news,
Jace can land on his bum while jumping on the tramp.
That kid is RAD!  
{Did you miss it?
Video of Brynlee doing flip: Take Two}

1 comment:

Miranda said...

Whoa. I never learned how to do that. And I'm pretty positive that now I never will. Pretty sure my time has passed. Bravo Miss B.

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