Thursday, June 24, 2010

I once was Lost

::This picture has nothing to do with this post::
::But I read {on somebody elses blog} that it's LAME to post a post without a picture::
::Nobody wants to be lame::

Sooooo. . .we got rid of our Dish Network. I'm not entirely sure why we did, we just did. It was a bit of I'm Sick of Paying the Man the Bill, with a side of We Never Watch it Anyways, dipped in There's a Hundred Channels to Watch but Never Anything Worth Watching, and garnished with Its Summertime! You Don't Need the Picture Box in the Summertime.

I texted Spence one morning and told him I was going to have it cancelled. And then I called the Dish Network Eradication Gods and told them to do their thing. {Right in the middle of the American Idol season, mind you}. And that was that. The Gods eradicated and our Dish Network ceased to exist.

After I cancelled we realized that without Dish Network we didn't have ANY channels. No local channels, no news, no perfectly positioning tin-foiled bunny ears to watch a fuzzy Jay Leno. We had nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip.

So we signed up for Netflix. We'd {wii} stream a morning cartoon for the kids while they dined on bowls of sugar and milk. And then every once in awhile Spence and I would snuggle up and watch a late night movie. And that was the extent of our T.V. watching.

It was perfect.

But then something happened. It was a spring night in the middle of May. The kids had already escaped to dreamland and Spence and I wanted to watch a show. We wanted something quick; something we could watch while we boob tubed ourselves to exhaustion.  But not a two hour movie. 

So we {wii} streamed Lost: Season One: Episode One. And we watched it. And then we watched Lost: Season One: Episode Two, and Episode Three, and Four and Five.

I emailed my sister-in-law, Sarah. "We're watching Lost" I typed to her. She responded telling me to put down the remote and quietly walk away for the TV. "It's not worth it" she argued, "Your OCD will hate the shows ending."  But I couldn't. We couldn't. It was too late. The *island* had spoken and it was Spencer and I's fate to continue to devote every.single.evening to Lost.

And so we did.


We were immediately addicted. Spence and I analyze the characters; we discuss the possibilities and try to make sense of the island. Project: Master Bathroom was been put on hold while we finish up Project: Lost. Every night we watch just "one more episode" until its more morning time than night time. Kate came over late one night and I jokingly {kinda} asked her to leave so we could watch our show. And every now and again, because I think it's funny, I call Spencer freckles. And in case you're wondering, my time away at girl's camp made my left Lost watching eye break out into random, uncontrollable spasms.

Now we are on Season 5: Episode 7.

We've been on that episode for two days now. Spencer is SO busy at work. So much so that he doesn't have time for Lost. He sent me a threatening text message last night informing me that I wasn't to watch even the tiniest bit of a Lost episode without him {Like I would. . .Geez!}.

So instead I wait for his to get his dang work done so we can pick up where we left off. Is it bad to quit your day job so you can watch Lost at night?!

I think it's what the island would have us do.


Stacey Crandall said...

Kim, I was so totally the same way as you are. I got so addicted to the show. Sadly, I have not watched one bit of the last season. We too got rid of our dish in February. HUM! Maybe I should get net flix!

Lacy said...

ahhahahahaha! Loved this post! especially the watched the first episode of lost, and then we watched three, four, and five." My first night I stayed up till 4:00am watching lost. craziness. So funny that you got caught up in it too. But I'm afraid your person who told you to walk away is right. It's dissapointing, but you will enjoy analyzing it. But then the analyzing isn't extrememly fufilling because they dropped some story line balls somewhere along the journy. Hey, I'll analyze it with you when you're done! :)

Hollie Rae Keller said...

You've sealed the deal for us, Kim! In fact, it's funny, I just signed up (again) for Netflix (since we also don't have tv), and I've been contemplating trying to get into Lost for a long time since everyone raves about it. Anyway, Season 1, Episode 1 is going into my 'queue' right....NOW! Xoxo.

gretta said...

welcome to the dark side we got hooked during the writers strike a few years ago when nothing else was on.

sarah louise said...

Walk away Kim! I mean it! The story is good right now, but it will soon go downhill and disappoint. Leave on a high note:)

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