Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My eyes. They’re heavy.

::Spencer doing master bathroom demolition with toilet paper ear plugs::

Um, hi there. I'm tired. Really tired. Like exhausted kind of tired.

I got out of the shower this morning and slicked my wet hair back into a braid. My arms were too heavy to lift above my head to run the blow dryer and I couldn't see straight to put my make-up on. So I didn't.

I told you that we started Project: Master Bathroom, right? Well the last few days we {read: mainly Spence} have been busy Project: Master Bathroom-ing. That's how we spent our Memorial Day weekend. Relaxing, huh.

After dinner tonight I had to make a supply run to Home Depot. Before I left I said a quick prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father. I have to go to Home Depot AGAIN. It's just going to be me and the kids. And I'm tired. Please let the kids be on their best behavior. No fits or whining. And please, oh please, bless me that I'll be patient with them. Amen.

Oh and Heavenly Father, while we're gone Spence is going to be doing some electrical work. Please bless that he doesn't blow the house up. Amen.

I'm happy to report that albeit tired, Spencer was still in one piece when we returned home. So was our house.  And so were my children.

God does answer prayers.  Even tired, uncombed hair ones.  Oh happy day.

:: monkey number one ::

:: monkey number two ::


mammabug said...

So you're on to a new project and I still don't think we've seen that big massive bed of wonders (or however you put it).

Lindsey Lou said...

Yeah, where are those photos?

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