Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 8 of 30: Kali Jo

I didn’t take any pictures today.

I did take a TWO HOUR nap, though. It was lovely. And rejuvenating.

I dreamt that Kali Jo and I were skiing. She forgot her coat, gloves and her shoes, but somehow managed to pack fifty pairs of socks. Weird. I know.

That girl really is obsessed with socks though. Thick, clean, white socks. She buys them by the truckload.

But in honor of skiing, Kali Jo and her abundance of socks, here’s a picture from the shoebox {because that's how I scrapbook}.

Also Kali, long time no see. Let’s fix that.

:::Roomates: Kali Jo and I:::
:::May 27, 2001:::
:::And by the way Kali…why the good HECK were we dressed like this:::


Unknown said...

yeah why in the heck are you dressed like that!?!? haha. LOVE IT!!! miss both of you girls!

Hollie Rae Keller said...

Kim - you look hot!!! :)

Jami said...

What do you mean why the heck were you dressed like that....That was your normal everyday wear, wasn't it???? ;)!!!

Kali Jo said...

Just wait till I go through my shoe box of pics (we have that in common).
I can't remember which of our roomies got a box of clothes from a relative. (maybe even me) but anyway we decided to try them on. I'm so glad we didn't have a digital camera or else ther would have been more of them.

Kali Jo said...

oh also, the sock thing... still true! I do love my new white socks!

Jenni said...

You two look simply stunning or something like that!

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