Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 12 of 30: Picture Party

Me and me peeps had a picture party on the rug today.
It was fun.

Then Jace tooted. And we all laughed.

Then Jace got bored and left us for something more entertaining.
Brynlee was unphased and we continued to take pictures.

She tried to show-off her gum.

Then she got bored. And asked to look at the pictures.
So we looked at all the pictures that were taken on the rug.
Then she said, “Mama, do you know what would make these pictures even cuter-er?"
She quickly continued, “If it was just me in the picture!”
And she was right. It was pretty cute.

Then Jace stuck his finger in the light socket.
Thus ending the picture party on the rug.


Nick and Karalynn said...

Between the tooting and the light socket, Jace sounds like he would be fun to play with.

Emily said...

The people in the pictures are cute! I like the rug too.

Lacy said...

so funny. That's really cute that her idea of the pictures being cuter-er means just her. Did Jace have anything in that hand or was this just a practice electrocusion? warming up for the real deal.
I think your rug kind of looks like partical board and crunched up leaves ...but prettier :)

Kimberlee said...

Lacy- I had the socket plate cover thing off since I was painting the kitchen. He just stuck his little finger on the side. OUCH!

Particle board and cruched up leaves? Lovely! :)

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