Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dear Spence,

picture by SFoto
To me you mean a medium rare steak topped aplenty with A1 and accompanied by nothing.
You mean watching fireworks on top of the Perkins roof.
You mean our first camping trip up Scout Mountain. In which we didn’t bring a tent and instead slept in the bed of the “Tool” pick-up truck.
You mean the perfect surprise proposal with fabric that you picked up from the fabric store, roses galore and dozens of rings and ring boxes to choose from.
You mean patience and forgiveness, even when I don’t return it. Or deserve it!
You mean love notes, treasure hunts, gift boxes, flowers, love songs and lingerie.
You mean giant bags of peanut M&M’s for you and a box of hot tamales for me.
You mean all night talks, card games on cookie sheets and midnight “Wal-Mart” dates.
You mean laughing until I lose control; Rollerblades with a white ninja outfit and a perfectly worn blackbelt and red washcloth.
You mean a handcrafted summer luau in February and a washer and dryer “promise ring”.
You mean freshly mowed lawn & the sound of a power tool.
You mean excited, laughing children.
To me you mean
:bliss: :laughter: :joy:
:friendship: :eternity: :happiness:
Happy 6th Anniversary babe!
I love you.


Jessica said...

What the heck keep the lingerie talk to yourself!!!

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary! I would love to hear the proposal story!

For what it's worth, I didn't know my brother in law read my blog till I wrote about bikini waxing and then he left a horrified comment alerting me to his presence. So lingerie seems pretty tame to me.

Daddy Hulk said...

Thanks Babe!
I sure love you and it is sure good that most people don't know what half the stuff your talking about really is!

Kimberlee said...

Spence?! You know how to leave a comment on a blog? You had me fooled all this time. I'm expecting a post in the near future. Love ya!

Jessica, you know you love me and all my lingere talk.

And Katie, I may have to search out the post about the bikini waxing. That is too funny.

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