Saturday, June 13, 2009

Alright, SHUDDUP already

(FYI: My original title for this post was “Just a few things…” But apparently I type like I talk, and before I knew it that title was no longer appropriate.)

Brooke and Brynlee
My little sister and her energetic girl, Brookie, came for a visit this week. We had a ball, like always. I love when family comes to visit. It’s noisy, yet relaxing. We {insert maiden name here} are loud! We talk loud, we laugh loud. We even sneeze loud. Sometimes we are so loud I get embarrassed for us. But not embarrassed enough to quiet down, mind you.
and Brooke bulk shopping

The first times I met Spence’s family I gave myself a mental pep talk reminding me to be quiet, and to laugh at a reasonable level. Spencer’s one of twelve kids. About 20 seconds into the visit I realized that I had nothing to worry about. Me and all my loudness fit right in. It was comforting.
One of my favorite things about family visits is the reminiscing. It delights me to remember what used to be. I have great memories of my younger years, and it makes me all kinds of happy watching our kids create memories together.
Speaking of memories, here's a few pictures of our house colored Orange.
I wish I could say that "The Great Paint Fiasco of o’nine” was behind us, but I can’t. The stucco guys starting working on our house about three weeks ago. And since then we have had 4 days of weather that was suitable for stuccoing. I’m not complaining. God bless the rain. But seriously, ease up a little would ya?
Jace had is nine month appointment on Thursday. He weighed 19 lbs 8 oz (40th percentile) and was 28 and ¾ inches long (75th percentile). My little guy is such a charmer; he’s quite the little thing. He most definitely was blessed with his daddy’s laid back personality.
The Man TV is still broken and I haven’t picked out a new vacuum yet {suggestions welcome}. However, the floors are clean thanks to some great desperation and the Shop Vac.
Oh, and Katie, I took this picture while waiting at the railroad crossing near my house.
We waited for 45 minutes for the train, and it was the first time (and probably the last) that I wasn’t swearing under my breath at how long it took the dang train to pass. It was engaging. The snakes attacking noise made the hair on the back of my neck stand on edge. The snake would strike and hiss, then the bird would start dancing around as if he was mocking the snake. Every now and again the bird would make a loud shrieking noise. I think he was calling for back-up, and before we left there were three or four birds standing behind the first one. Pretty cool. And that's our life unedited all updated.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE your blog

Katie said...

Orange you glad you're not stuccoing the house?

And seriously, I'm still amazed at that snake thing. That's crazy. How cool that you got to see it...and how awesome that you had your camera.

Lacy said...

Holy Cow...that orange house is so funny! I know truly it isn't and I DO fell bad for you, but on the other! It looks like a barn! :) Jace is really really handsome and sweet looking. I love how happy Brooke and Brinlee look together. That's so fun! I adore the puddle jumping pictures. My favorite part was the description of your loudness and that you gave yourself a pep talk before you met Spence's family. Too cute. I love you and your volume.

Anonymous said...

There is a serious need for comment on this posting.

Let's start from the bottom. THAT WAS A RATTLESNAKE!! Not just any snake.

Jace totally cute. Orange house, hysterical!! What your poor neighbors must have thought.

Lastly, your family is alway so cute. I enjoy seeing your photos.


Kimberlee said...

Thanks Kam!

Katie, BADABING! :) Yes! I'm glad we're not doing the stucco.

Lacy, A barn is exactly what it looked like. An ORANGE barn. It was charming. :)

Kacy, I thought it was a rattler! ((shudder))!

Kali Jo said...

oh good i don't feel so bad now that you don't blog everyday it makes me look better. once a month is about right lately for me. I love to see what you are doing and the house look much better now being brown colors not orange.

Jaime said...

so fun. I enjoyed the randomness. :) And that snake.... eeek!!

Miranda said...

I'm gonna have to raise the roof for photo-editing software. Woo-woooo!

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