Friday, January 9, 2009

Fabulous Friday Five

Remember in grade school when you learned that an adjective is a word which gives more information about the noun that follows it. So, in my title the word fabulous is an adjective for Friday, not for the five things I am going to tell you. Like always, those five things will just be mediocre.
  • Yesterday the kids and I made a trip to a neighboring town to visit my friend Kali, and her perfect new little baby at the hospital. I would post some pictures of us snuggling her sweet baby, but a) I didn’t take any, and b) it’s her sweet baby so I will let her post the pictures. On the way home Brynlee said, “I don’t know why Coweee and the tiny, tiny buddy had to go to the doctor. Santa gave me doctor stuff for Christmas so I could have helped them". Kali? I know her education and experience don’t amount to much, but I am sure she is very reasonably priced. I’m just saying, maybe you should consider it on the next go around. Just something to think about.
  • Do not read this bullet point if you are a male, under the age of 16 or completely and utterly (pun intended) disgusted by breast feeding. I got these Lily Padz for a gift for Kali. I need a review before I purchase some for myself. Has anyone heard of them? Used them? Had a friend of a friend that used them?
  • Brynlee’s obsession this week is playing “Twister” and so we have played it at least six times a day. We take turns spinning the color wheel and playing the game. It is a great way for Brynlee to practice her colors, and a great way for me to be reminded how, um, flexible I am.
  • Spence has been working a crazy amount of hours lately trying to get a big project done. His boss informed me (through Spencer) that after the project is complete he will get to take a few days off to make up for all the overtime. I told Spence’s boss (through Spencer) that that was great news, but I wanted to know when I got to take my few days off for all the overtime. We love you Spencer! Thanks for all the hard work you do for our family.
  • And just FYI the entire time I have been typing Brynlee has been combing my hair with a Barbie comb. OUCH! Little Jace is sitting in his walker with two headbands and a turquoise beaded necklace on. Poor kid, he is totally defenseless. And I am sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the floor with no less than 826 ponytail holders in my hair. We look marvelous.
Happy Friday!


Lacy said...

You and Jce are her real life barbies, how fun for her.

I feel for you having to 'single parent' for so long. I'm glad he'll get a few days off, which hopefully mean you get at least a few hours off.

Never heard of lily padz until now.

Have a great weekend!

The Jones Family said...

I'm really interested in seeing what those pads are like. How do you make your blog page so cute????

_ said...

AS BRYNLY WOULD SAY, THE LILY PADS ARE "SUPER TOTALY AWESOME" They work like magic. I can wear them, all night and they seal in any leaks. i definitly recommend them.
Kali Jo

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