Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Testing, Testing. One, two, three.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Testing. Is this thing on?
My old roomie, Ainsle, tagged me for this meme. So here goes:

WHAT IS YOUR HUSBAND'S NAME? Daniel Spencer. Spencer is actually his middle name, but when he was a kid his siblings called him Diaper Dan and he hated it. So he insisted that he be called Spencer. And it just kinda stuck. I think he is way more of a Spencer than a Daniel, so it was a good choice.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN MARRIED? As of today, exactly five years and four months.

HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? We started officially dating in July of 2001 and we were married in July of 2003. So, for two years minus a month or two where I took my stupidity break.

HOW OLD IS HE? Thirty, baby!

WHO IS TALLER? It depends on the shoes and the hairstyle. He is taller by a smigine (which is more than a tiny bit, but less than a modest amount). Although, when I was in beauty school I was taller. I would like to thank my beauty school sponsors, Big Sexy Hairspray and a mad amount of backcombing.

WHO CAN SING BEST? He can. But if you asked the unlucky soul that gets stuck sitting in front of us at church they would probably say that the service would be a little more spiritual if both of us would quit attempting to sing and just quietly hum along.

WHO IS SMARTER? Depends on who you ask, I guess. Spencer has an enormous “gee whiz collection,” and can spit out random facts and data about almost anything. I do pretty well in the classroom setting. I think it’s because I learn quickly, but also forget quickly, so it makes brain room for the next round of info. Together we are nothing short of a true genius! Even ask us.

WHO DOES LAUNDRY? I do. I actually enjoy doing laundry. And I enjoy wearing clothes that are still the color that they were intended to be. Therefore, no laundry duties for Spencer.

WHO PAYS BILLS? That would be me again. Unless your talking about earning the money to pay the bills. That would be Spencer. My full-time mama job doesn’t pay well.

WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED? I do. In our first little house the left side of the bed was against the wall and it gave me the ebby gebbies to sleep that close to the wall. Don’t ask. I don’t know the answer.

WHO MOWS THE LAWN? He mows, but only after I ask him once (or 1,325 times) to get it done.

WHO COOKS DINNER? Me. Cooking dinner is really my escape. Plus, you can only eat so many bowls of cereal for dinner (Spence’s specialty) before your tongue starts to rot from all the deliciousness.

WHO'S THE FIRST TO ADMIT THEY ARE WRONG? Neither of us are ever wrong so this question doesn’t really apply.

WHO KISSED WHO FIRST? He kissed me. I’m sure I kissed back!

WHO WEARS THE PANTS? He would correctly argue that I do.

Okay, I’m nosey a hopeless romantic and therefore love to hear about others happily ever after. So anybody and everybody who reads this, and wants to play along at home, you have officially been tagged.


Janita said...

I am the exact same way about learning stuff really quickly and then forgetting it as soon as I no longer need to apply it, works well in the classroom but only so-so in real life!

Jessica said...

Helpless romantic no kidding!! I will never forget those heart shaped zuchinni mounds in your first garden!

Unknown said...

Wouldn't it be nice to be a millionaire stay at home mom. (just think about all the overtime pay and holiday pay that we would get. that would be great!

sarah louise said...

Did you know that it was added up once what a mom would get paid for all the work she does if she were in the cooperate world and we should be getting over $300,000 a year! Too bad that ain't real!

Also I always recall calling Spencer "Spencer" even as a baby. I do remember calling him Diaper Dan too, but just as a nickname, I don't think that is why he is called Spencer. I am never wrong either by the way so that is true! (:

sarah louise said...

I can't spell either cooperate = coporate.

Katie said...

Kim, you crack me up! I wish we lived closer so we could have playdates (the kids could come too!)

I did this one a while back:

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