Sunday, August 31, 2008

You can call me “Susie” for short

Look what I spent the weekend doing!
In all fairness to the division of labor, I have to start over and make a few corrections. Look what my sister, Jessica, spent the weekend doing. While I ate way too many peaches, tried to keep my oversized belly out of the way, and miserably failed at trying to keep the countertop clean while she did most the work on our canning. To argue that I did do a little of the work I was going to post a picture of my swollen ankles. However, that would require me to get off the couch and retrive my camera from the kitchen counter. And to be completely honest with you, I don’t think it’s worth it. So instead just take a look down at your pretty little ankles. Add about 10 pounds of water weight. Now take away all definition of an ankle bone. If you are getting a very unattractive picture of an ankle, you are right on track. That is exactly what they look like….ONLY WORSE!

I have never felt more attractive. Pregnancy makes me shine, baby! And while we worked on the canning, this is what our girls spent the weekend doing.

They quite possibly could have been neglected for a better part of the day.
Now wait, before you call child services on us; take another look at our beautiful Raspberry-Peach Jam. No negligent mama could whip together a bottle of jam that looks that good.
Plus, for a few added points on our behalf, we did remember to feed them.
Canning peaches, tomatoes and jam AND feeding our kids all in the same day. I think we deserve some kind of award for that!


Jessica said...

Whatever you did just as much work as I did! It was fun we will have to do it again sometime.

The Jones Family said...

Boy, I was just saying today how I haven't canned. Peaches sound good. That is one fruit I love canned and Kobe loves peaches. Now the jam... wouldn't last very long with Jason around. I feel like I really need to get on the ball and get some things done before the baby comes, your skinnny ankles :)are kicking my tootie. What a woman!!! Ains

Steven said...

Very impressive...oh, I can feel you painful, huge ankles right now...yep its gonna be a few more years before i do that again! Its got to be so great to have sisters.

Lacy said...

wow! those really are pretty cans girls. I have 3 trees full of fruit in the back yard; peaches, pears, and cherries. I look out the window every morning and tell myself that today is the day I'll pick, wash and can. Well...That statement has yet to come to fruition. It's SO MUCH work and I know they won't turn out half that pretty. good for you (and Jessica :)

Jenni said...

The jam you and Jessica made looks divine and the raspberry seed dispersal is.....breathtaking! You could give the old ladies a run for their blue ribbons at the
County Fair!
Where did you get the peaches? I have been trying to find somewhere around here that sells peaches by the bushel.

Kimberlee said...

Jenni- We got the fruit at a fruit stand in Brigham City. But, had I known that Lacy had a ton in her back yard I would have shown up at her house. Next year we will be there Lacy. :)

Mikey, Anna, Lillie and Sam said...

If we were still in Utah we would have to come and visit just for a jar. We love homemade jam. Good work.

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