Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Sun, Clumsy Lovers, and People Watching

Oh, how I love summer! I love the sun, the BBQ’s, snow cones, the outdoor live bands and kicking back on patio furniture. But I especially love being able to “people watch” behind my sunglasses. A talent (and I do believe it is a talent) that I inherited from my dad. How else do you think my poor dad endured the numerous shopping trips, dance recitals and other fun adventures that come with raising five girls? Although I am an amateur in comparison to my dad, I do love me some people watching.

Just to give you a glimpse into my passion let me tell you that when Spence and I were dating we NEVER missed our towns Mall Parking Lot Carnival. You might think that we cleared our schedule to pay $28.00 for the three rides that were set up on the burning hot pavement of the mall parking lot. But you are wrong. The real reason that we went was to eat Carmel Apples while watching the weirdo’s that would come out of the woodwork to attend such an event. I don’t ever want to hear that Spence and I don’t know how to have fun, cause that would be wrong. EXTREMELY WRONG!

Last Thursday Spence, Brynlee and I watched the Clumsy Lover concert at the quad on campus. It was a fun night filled with sun, music, family time and some good ole’ people watching. We really did enjoy ourselves. Brynlee even got Spence out dancing with her and the hippies. Good times….good times!
 That’s it for now; I have got to get tickets for the Monster Trucks pre-ordered. Nothing like watching skinny drunk mullet men wearing wife beatters scream sexual innuendos at a bright yellow truck named Grave Digger! Gotta love it!


Unknown said...

Oh my all are in contact with eachother and then little lost me comes along...I am glad to reconnect with all the roomies! You little brynlee is adorable. Last time I saw you was when she was born up in Pokey. Crazy!

Jaime said...

Oh how I miss Pocatello at times. Thanks for the great reminder of what life was like there. :)

The Jones Family said...

Sometimes i just love us. Roomies are the Best! I still think it's awesome to saw UI had 10 roomates ina house and we all got along....People watching has to be an addiction. I like it when you aren't close enough to know what they are talking about so you make up a story line and conversation. I didn't even think about wearing glasses, you mean seeing me staring isn't a good thing?!SMILE
Love ya ains

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