Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Woody NOT Welcome!

Aaahhh the beautiful and peaceful sounds of nature. The chirping of a bird, the whistle of the wind, the serene sound of pristine water as it flows down the river, the ANNOYING sawing of a STUPID woodpecker as it hastily chisels away at the side of our house morning after morning. Please Mister Woodpecker we beg of you to find a different location to get your morning grub. Seeing how you keep returning, we have come to the assumption that threatening you with sticks and rocks has not successfully gotten our point across. First let me explain a little bit about property rights and ownership. The wood that makes up the exterior of our house has been purchased by us and therefore, IS NOT free for the taking. Also, by entering the premises of our property without our permission you are trespassing. Oh just wait until neighborhood watch hears about this. In addition, 5:00 a.m., really! Is that the latest you can wait for breakfast? For your convenience let me point out the acres and acres of trees that sit uninhabited directly in front of our house. What’s wrong with their bark? I reassure you that these trees contain many delicious insects for you to indulge on. Please Mister Woodpecker LEAVE US ALONE!!


Jami said...

Go Ahead Mister can wake them up all you want....In Fact, I can tell you how to get into the chimminey :)

Love ya :)

Kimberlee said...

If you tell that Woodpecker I will tell that bull that keeps getting out which yard is the best to drop his cowpie on! And which tree to scratch his back on. :)

Love ya too!

Lacy said...

woodpecker? no wya, that only happens in movies. right? take a picture!

Maybe there is some type of wood pecker repellent haha maybe?

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